5 most Common Problems with iPhone and their Solutions

iPhones are possibly the best in terms of delivering fluid and seamless performance. However, that doesn’t mean that Apple’s much-talked-about smartphone didn’t face its fair share of issues. As a result, we discuss common iPhone issues with their solutions in this guide. Check out these effective solutions that can help many users fix common iOS issues if your iPhone isn’t working properly.

1. The cellular connection of the iPhone does not work

Your iPhone’s cellular connection doesn’t work for some reason. A network problem on your iPhone, for example, could be the cause of the problem. So, whenever you have this problem, there is no outage in your area, and make sure your cellular connection is stable.
If the problem persists, you can reset the network configuration to fix the slow network. To do this, open your device’s Settings app and select General.

2. Random iPhone App Freezing/Crashing

In all honesty, the majority of us have experienced app freezing and crashing at some point or another. The good news is that it’s simple to resolve. Most often, outdated apps tend to freeze or crash. So, check to see if the app has the most recent update. Once that’s done, go to the app you want to update.

3. Cracked Screen

Nothing is more irritating than a cracked screen, right? Even though the cracked phone can still be used for a while, one day it could suddenly stop working. So it is best to get in touch with a fix iphone screen auckland. In this situation, they might decide to replace the iPhone screen.

There are several DIY kits available for this issue, but going to the right service like iphone screen replacement Auckland is preferable because they will complete the work accurately and at a fair price.

4. Not Being Charged

The battery on an iPhone won’t charge when plugged in is yet another typical issue. There are several solutions to this issue. Clean the charging port to get rid of any dust or dirt.

The connection cable should be tested to see if it functions properly with other Apple devices or other USB cables in the USB plug, etc. if the problem is still present. If that doesn’t work, try a factory reset or try to force the device to restart. Get in touch with the closest service provider if the problem continues.

5. There is a problem with the touchscreen

Touchscreen problems, such as when the screen stops responding or is only showing a black screen, are common with iPhones. Restarting your device is the best and initial solution. Charge your smartphone for an hour if that still doesn’t work. The problem will nearly certainly be resolved.

The screen could have a hardware issue if it is cracked and unresponsive. Therefore, you must get an iPhone screen repaired.


When it comes to iPhone screen repair or other repair services, only go with the best service provider. Rapid Repair guarantees quick response times, exceptional door-step delivery, and a standby device.