Standalone Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset without Phone features

Oculus Go which has recently come into the fame and light an advanced version of existing Oculus Rift which has overcome the limitation of having an android or iPhone a must in order to experience the virtual world.

As now the user don’t require to have a smartphone as a must necessity because OG has its own eye’s display for users and is independent of any smartphone that means it doesn’t requires any smartphone and a user can directly use it and experience the world virtually and hence from the well known called the best iphone vr headset is being altered to the best VR headset without phone.

The unique Elements it Contains are:

1. The headset and adjustable straps
2. A wireless motion controller with touchpad
3. A single AA battery
4. A micro USB cable
5. Built-in speakers

The user after must connect the OG and pair it with the Facebook’s official Oculus app, which would setup the headset phone. And talking about the price one can easily afford it as it has been launched into the market for only $199 – and been called as a good entry level.

Oculus Go a number 3 headset launches by company Oculus would be in tough competition with the Oculus rift and Samsung VR. A cordless headset, you’ll never again need to tie in with your PC or have enough squeeze on your telephone keeping in mind the end goal to play in VR.

It is worked to be lightweight, has another work froth interface, and it as far as anyone knows has the best visual clearness so far observed in VR, on account of new focal points and a WQHD LCD quick switch show with a higher fill-factor than OLED. We learned at CES 2018 that OG will be made by Xiaomi, and it will be controlled by a Snapdragon 821 processor making it more than equipped for playing the wonderful amusements that will be accessible.

The greater part of the applications and diversions you introduce on the Oculus Go originate from the Oculus Store, a different store oversaw by Oculus. It has its own particular installment framework and its own particular refresh framework, which you oversee through the Oculus application on your telephone. While the Oculus Go headset does in actuality run Android underneath, the Oculus App is accessible for Android and iOS clients alike.

Thee Oculus Store gives you access to more than 1,000 VR encounters, going from activity diversions to passionate stories thus numerous riddles for you to investigate. You will likewise locate a sound Educational area in the store close by an enormous choice of motion pictures you can buy specifically from Oculus and appreciate in your own one of a kind virtual theater.

Talking about its affordability and the Price

The headset will be available to you in $199 and $249 for the 32GB and 64GB model respectively. Comparing to them a Samsung Gear VR cost is $129.99 which demands the top smartphone too in order to get the feel and experience the virtual world.