Has Instagram Blocked your Login for no Reasons? – Here is the Fix

If you are here then there is a chance that your Instagram account has already been blocked by Instagram and you don’t even have the idea of the reason. So, in this blog we will be looking at some of the steps using which you can get the answer to the question of how to recover disabled instagram login.

First of all let us look at the problems that you might be facing right now and it is possible that you are facing the problems already.

1. Your account might have been banned by Instagram.

2. Without any notice or reason your Instagram account has been deleted.

3. You are facing troubles with recovering the Instagram account which has been disabled.

4. Your account might have been hacked by someone and hence you are not able to access.

Now let us move to the steps or you can also say the ways to recover the Instagram account that was disabled so that you won’t face problems while accessing.

Ways to the Fix the Problems you are Facing

1. Reporting the Instagram account as being hacked by some other person

If you think that your Instagram account has been hacked and that is why you are wondering “why is my Instagram account disabled” then below are the steps for you to fix your problem.

1. First of all the users have to move to the Instagram support centre and once you are on that part you need to look for the option saying Privacy and Safety centre and as soon as you have found it you have to click on it.

2. In the next step you will be moved to the page of the Instagram help centre to move ahead.

3. Now after you have selected the Privacy and Safety centre you need to click on the Report something from the menu you are.

4. Now look for the form and once you have got the form you have to fill it with all the required details that the form asks you like your name, email address and many other things.

5. You also have to submit the ID with the form to recover the disabled Instagram account.

2. Recovering the Business Account that you Lose

Another way is that the users can also try is that the users can try for which here are the steps give below.

1. Again just like the above step you have to go to the Instagram help centre and then look for the option of the Business Deactivated Account and then click on it.

2. Now in the next step you will have to submit a government issued photo ID. It could be anything: passport, driver’s license, etc to Instagram.

3. Now along with the valid government issued documents the users have to also submit the form by filling it and then finally hitting the Send button.

3. Without using email or Facebook to recover the disabled account of Instagram

So, the users here get another chance to recover their Instagram disabled account appeal then it is by not using the Email or the users can also use Facebook. But the users need to make sure that their Instagram is updated as this feature is only available on the updated new version of the Instagram. This might be the most simple way for the users to recover their account.

For this the users only need to fill up their phone number or the password on the screen of the recovery and then you will receive an OTP which you later have to fill; this process will only require your phone number which is already associated with the Instagram account of yours. And the OTP which means the one time password that you received must be entered on the screen for the recovery purpose.

Now you will get the steps from Instagram to recover your account for which you must make sure that you follow all the steps very carefully to get rid of the problem of instagram disabled my account for no reason.

We hope you as readers are able to gain most out of the blog and have also applied the steps that have been given and got the solutions for your problem of the disabled account of Instagram of which you do not even know the reasons.

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