7 IOS Emulators to Run iOS Applications on a Windows PC

Running IOS Applications on Windows PC is not a big deal anymore if you know the actual process that is to be followed for this task. But yes, there are some people who are still facing trouble in doing this so today I am here for you, to give you information regarding how to run IOS Application on Windows PC. Yes, if you don’t own an iPhone but want to use IOS applications, now you can use them on your PC.

You must be knowing that there are lots of emulators developed through which you can easily run android applications on your PC and now you can also Run IOS Apps on Windows PC, all you need to do is, read the steps carefully that I am going to mention.

I am going to mention the Top 7 Emulators you can use for running iOS applications on your windows PC. But before looking at the emulators let us go through a short introduction about what is IOS Emulators and what are the advantages of it.

About IOS Emulators

As I said, if you want to use IOS applications on your PC, you need to use IOS Emulators. IOS Emulator allows Windows operating system to use the IOS applications on it. The IOS App developers can check or test by running the iOS applications on windows operating system before launching it.

Benefits of IOS Emulators

  • Can be used to test the applications while developing.
  • Possible to run the emulator on multiple devices.

Top 7 IOS Emulators to Run IOS Applications on Windows

Smartface: Considered as one of the best IOS Emulators for developing applications. Users are allowed to develop IOS Applications using Smartface Emulator and users can develop as many applications they want to develop. All you need to do is, download the app on your device and connect it with the windows system. As this is an application development software, users can test their application on multiple devices.

MobiOne Studio: If you are looking for an emulator through which you can Run IOS Applications on Windows PC as well as you want to develop iOS applications, then MobiOne Studio Emulator is the one for you. MobiOne Studio includes options like user interface which is customized, you can use drag and drop function for landscape and portrait orientations also.

Air iPhone Emulator: When Air iPhone Emulator was developed, it was allowing users to receive the calls through Ribbit but now the emulator has many functionalities. Developers who are developing IOS Applications can use this emulator to check whether the application is looking good and running successfully or not before launching it. Users will not be able to use the Safari Web browser, as this application is not available in this emulator.

iPadian: One of the easiest way to run IOS application on windows operating system is by using iPadian emulator. The screen of this emulator looks exactly like an iPad and it is a desktop application. So, if you want to use iPadian, you need to download it on your PC first.

Appetize.lo: Appetize.lo is one of the best emulator developed for windows operating system. Only one disadvantage with this application is you are not allowed to download/install this emulator on your PC.

Xamarin Testflight: If you want to download this emulator on your Windows PC, you need to pay some amount to the providers as this is not the free emulator available for windows. But yes, when it comes to performance, functionalities, features and services, Xamarin Testflight is one of the best emulator you can use in order to run IOS applications on windows PC.

iPhone Simulator: Working on flash, iPhone simulator is very easy to use and have an amazing user interface. You cannot use Safari while using this simulator but you can use the other iPhone applications very easily on your windows PC like notepad, calculator, clock and more.

Wrap Up

Mentioned above are the top 7 IOS emulators you can use in order to run iOS apps on windows PC. All these emulators are very much easy to access. Before downloading or paying for any emulator, read carefully about the emulator you picked up in detail.