How To Create Fake Chat Screenshot In Android?

How To Create Fake Chat Screenshot In Android?

Screenshots are being taken to capture details which vanish later. It’s been widely used to capture important information, conversations, photos and movements which are impossible to download. The screenshot feature is not rare anymore, and it’s easily available is almost all kind phones.

Often the screenshot feature is used to express details to others as proof or any other purpose, primarily for sharing details with others. Mostly, screenshots are considered to be a legitimate proof, if you need to prove something because it can’t be tweaked, but I would like to tell you that there are many ways from which you can tweak any screenshot and modify it as per your needs to fool your friends and prank them.

So, without any further due let’s get started with the method to create fake screenshots.

1. Create fake Screenshot of fake Whatsapp conversation

There is an Application called “What Said” from which you can create fake screenshots of Whatsapp conversation which never happened. The Application is very easy to use without any technical and editing knowledge you can easily create your own conversations by putting the text, time and date manually in the Application, same as it is shown in the above picture.

2. Create fake Screenshot of fake Facebook conversation

There is also a very easy method to create fake Screenshot of Facebook conversations. However, it sounds almost impossible to do something like this with Facebook, but don’t worry guys the method is completely working. To do that, you’re going to use an Application called “fake convo.” Using fake convo you can create subtle and original looking screenshots with fake conversations to fool your friends.

To get started just fill the general details of the text, time, date and font size to create screenshots which your friends will never forget.

3. Create fake Screenshot of fake text conversation in Android

Fake Screenshots can also be set up outside the world of social media. You can also create some cool fake text conversations screenshots. You have just to Download and install an Application called “Fake Android Version.” You have just to feed the details of the conversation of the both the sender and the receiver, and that’s it you’re done.

Many different styles of interfaces will be available to make the screenshot look original and related to the conversation which never happened, all of that just to create a neat and clean screenshot. Isn’t it fascinating?

4. Create fake Screenshot of fake Tweets on Twitter

Twitter is a prime platform if you need to get in touch with celebrities. By using an Application called “Similater” you can create fake screenshots of tweets, uploaded photos, Retweets, changing date and time and many other cool settings and tweaks which will be surely enough to make your friends jealous of you.

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5. Create fake Screenshot of fake text conversation in iPhone

Same as Android fake texting screenshots can also be built in iPhone using an Application which is widely known for this task called “iFake Text.” The working of the Application is same as “Fake Android Version.” Apart from some small details each and everything is same.

After putting all the details, you have to hit on generate button to generate the screenshot. And as I’ve checked the screenshots looks original and legit.

Like all other Applications, the working of this Application is also same. Just get started and enjoy.

Hence, were the five most popular and easy to use methods to create fake screenshots of different platforms.

Final Words

At last, all I have to say is that all the methods are legitimate, safe and secure from any kind of threats like malware and viruses. So enjoy them freely without having any second thought.

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