Skype to Facebook Messenger 6 top Chatting Apps for iPhone Users

You may get here and be one of the many users that are not comfortable with the options that you have been using over many months. When you bought your iPhone 6, you may have gotten disappointed after finding out how does the Messages app works on your iPhone. To the surprise of many, you can go on without them and can even have a more personal instant messaging experience with other third-party Chatting apps.

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Here we list for you some of the best out there for your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s.


This app has come a long way. It was one of the most popular applications for PC that enabled the user to make video calls with high-quality video and good overall audio performance. The thing is that, not surprisingly, Skype not only allows the user to perform video calling, they also included an Instant Messaging platform on its interface.

Skype was bought by Microsoft, and since then it has incorporated so many features that it is often thought that it overshadows. To use Skype, you have to use your Microsoft Account and log in from your phone. Remember that Microsoft has linked all Microsoft accounts to Skype, so even if your Microsoft account had been created a long time ago, you would have a shining Skype account since the merge.

It allows sending photos, videos, and documents and it also features a wide array of emojis and other non-animated (in iPhone) smileys.

Facebook Messenger

This app can be essential to a lot of people. Its user base is huge, as Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms of all time. You can expect it to be useful as it is possible that most of your closest acquaintances, family members, and friends are on facebook.

You can be one of the millions of users that enjoy using this app, as is just the chat for Facebook merged into an app. A lot of smileys, stickers, and animations are available for you to choose from and they are often related to some known cartoon or series.


It is one of those Chatting apps that are hard to ignore because it has so many users.

One of the most evident advantages of this app is that you can skip sharing your phone number as you only need a username to be on Kik and to be added by others. This can also be useful if you consider that sharing your email is dangerous with so many hackers around; you can never be too cautious on the internet.


The unique thing about this app is that it let you share pictures and video for a limited amount of time, ten seconds and that’s it. It is also known that users can still take screenshots of your photos, but at least you will be notified when this happens.

This app has been used by celebrities since it began. It has also helped build the fame of some other rising celebs. This is due to its unique character and the fact that so many people start adding users to their SnapChat and create a cult-like following.


This is a type of service that has been around also in PC. It is called an aggregator and what it does is that it allows you to merge multiple accounts from other instant messaging services and have access to all of the messages these other contain.

Other useful feature consists in letting you access from a computer.


This is Samsung’s response to WhatsApp. This app is very easy to use and features a neat design that has been featured in multiple Mobile Operating Systems.