How to fix “Err_Too_Many_Redirects” in Chrome for Android?

While doing web surfing, one may have faced various problems such as, the web page is not getting open, or this web page with redirect loop, ‘ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS’ or may have seen error 310, which irritates the operator tremendously. This temporarily puts a full stop to the work that person was going to do, which stops the work to perform. Have you faced the same problem? Then we are familiarized with your problem and will definitely bring you out of such extreme situation, only if you follow the process that we are going to tell you.

First, break one rule that you follow usually. Whenever you face a problem, you just start finding a solution for that, instead of knowing the reason behind all this happening. This is the biggest drawback. So, first know the actual problem and the cause behind it, then start finding measures to solve it altogether.

What does “Err_Too_Many_Redirects” this error mean?

This error arises when we continue to direct one after another URL, then a linear pattern occurs. This creates the redirect loop. Sometimes, unknowingly redirects are done and as its aftermath, redirect loop gets created. After it, and recognizing the problem, the browser will automatically give a pop-up of the error, as this web page has a redirect loop, to give information regarding it. This is done unknowingly as we are opening new URLs continually and the matter probably becomes complex.

4 ways to fix “Err_Too_Many_Redirects” in Chrome

Now, after knowing the reason, UTS time to go for its solutions. Here are the best solutions to solve ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS.

1. Delete the Cache & Cookies

This is the best solution and works on almost all the browsers. Just by deleting the cookies, that have been stored in the browser, the problem of redirect loop can be resolved. Here are the steps you should follow.

  • Firstly, open that browser on which you are facing this problem.
  • On the top right side of the browser, you will get menu button, click on it.
  • Select here, settings and go through it. If you are using Chrome, then a new tab will get open after clicking on settings.
  • Here in the search box, write ‘Cookies’. Now, wherever the word cookies appear, Chrome will take all that into consideration.
  • Now, in the options available, just click on ‘Clear browsing data’. It will direct you to a new box.
  • ‘Cookies and other site and plug-in data’ will appear in the box. Click on it.
  • Then finally click on Clear browsing data.

Close down the browser now and repeat the procedure. Now open that URL, which was showing problem previously, probably your problem gets resolved.

2. Time Zone and System Time

You may get surprised after reading it, but yes, time zone and the system time actually make a difference and can let the browser misbehave. This problem occurs when the system time doesn’t get updated with the Windows which automatically updates it. If it is facing such problem, then the chances are more of the creation of redirect loop. Here are the steps to resolve this.

  • Firstly, press together, letter q and Windows logo key.
  • Enter here, ‘date and time’. Time tap will get appear on the screen.
  • Click here ‘Change Settings’. A box will appear in Internet time settings.
  • Set the server to ‘’ and click ‘Update now’ button.

After carrying on this process, after revisiting the URL, the redirect loop error surely gets removed.

3. Reset Browser Settings

Sometimes, it becomes important to reset the settings of the browser. It will clear history, cached media, passwords, disable themes & extensions and moreover, the pinned tabs will also get removed. This solution is exclusively for the Chrome browser only. Here are the steps to follow.

Go to the settings option & find here the reset option or you can simply write chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings in the search bar.

Now try to open that page again, which was showing the error earlier after getting the browser nuked.

4. Htaccess Files

Even after adopting these measures and deleting the cooking you are still facing the same error then its time to change the browser. If the problem is not severe then its quite possible that on another browser you will not face it again. It may be the server issue, that is directing you towards the same issue.

However, if the problem exists even on the other browsers, then there is a need to check Htaccess file first. Look properly too many redirection codes used or any cyclic there. Because as much you keep it messed up or confusing, it will keep on creating big problems for you in web surfing. So keep it always clean and check the codes time to time.

Hopefully, these all the measures will help you in solving the intense issues you are getting. But even after trying these measures, if you get messed up because the issues are still same, then don’t panic because it’s not the fault of your system or browser. It may arise because of server issues or configuration problem, which are not in your hands to solve.