Career Options after 12th Commerce – Courses after BCom

In the present days, finding a job is not that easy. Many students face difficult to find jobs for example commerce students. Even though there are many plenties of job opportunities for commerce graduates; however, only a few of them that qualify to get hired from some companies while the rest fails to get their dream job. Commerce as the most popular academic choice after humanities and science have plenty of devotees compare to other academic streams. In this session let us share Career Options after 12th Commerce for Students.

Throughout the years, commerce has widely developed as one of the academic streams which have wide career options and opportunity. The career opportunity gets wider after the students realize the course specialization in commerce. During the study years, students also receive other knowledge relating with trading, business, basic economics, industrial and fiscal policies, and many more

Commerce offers both the undergraduate and postgraduate courses for the students. In addition, it also offers wide career opportunity for national as well as international scope such as foreign companies and banks which already open the job opportunity for commerce graduates. Other career choices for commerce graduates are teaching, civil service, statics service, and many more. The career opportunity of commerce academic streams indeed has a good prospect for both the undergraduate and post graduate.

Many of you may still wonder what should I do after graduation in commerce. However, here is some brief overview of a career path in commerce that can be your guide.

Chartered Accountants

This is the most common job opportunity among commerce students. Chartered accountants exams are held by ICAI or Institute of Chartered Accountants in which the participants should pass three exams which are CPT, IPCC, and final exams CA during a certain period of time. After graduating from commerce academic stream, you can straightly eligible for IPCC that the exam consists of two groups. The participants can clear one group in which they should apply for articleship for two and half year period with experienced chartered accountants. After finishing the articleship, the participants can finally appear for final chartered accountants exams.

Master of Commerce or M.Com

This is a post graduate degree for two years. For those who want to be lecturer should have the master of commerce program, however, it is still not eligible to be government, lecturer. There is no need to worry about a job opportunity in the master of commerce since there is plenty of it such as finance analyzer, accountant, and many more. The master of commerce program is focused on a systematic study in business, accounting, economics, taxation, and finance as well as management and marketing.

MBA or master of Business Administration

Many people will advise their friends and relatives to pursue MBA since it offers good career. However, the career choice of MBA definitely depends on the institutions where you are pursuing. MBA from reputable university or institution will open the career path widely, but getting MBA from the ordinary and non-reputable university will only make the lists of unemployed MBA get longer. To get into a reputable institution to pursue MBA; the participants should have excellent CAT exams results.

Certified financial analyst or CFA

After graduating from commerce academic streams; students can pursue three years of professional course as certified financial analyst. This program helps students who want to have a higher career. Maintain the financial accounting, financial advisors, private bankers, and many more. They can also become the head of the department.

Company secretary

This is a two and a half years of professional course that can be taken after graduation. One of the requirements for this job is a good command in English both oral and written. They should have good skills in English in order to communicate with other organizations. This career gives a promising future as it has excellent salary and reward.

MA economics

This two years course can also be taken by Arts students who receive economic in graduation. For the admission, students should take entrance test from most colleges and universities. After finishing the MA economics, students can pursue the Ph.D. and apply as lecturers.

After graduation, many students still confuse for what they should do; apply for a job or continue the study to a higher level. Well, the decision is all personal matter. However, if one of you plan to apply for certain job in accounting; the very first thing that you should do, make your profile or curriculum vitae as excellent as possible that it shine among the competitors. You are there to compete with them who also aim for the same position. To make your profile attractive, you should know how to make an effective resume. Make your time to do research or ask someone experienced for an attractive and effective resume. You can browse the Internet for some example that can be your guide. Second, you can emphasize your resume by adding seminars and training that you have experienced from organizations. This is important especially for fresh graduate job seekers as companies tend to look at the experience through seminars and training.

After making the excellent resume, you have to be prepared to get the benefits to receiving your dream job and getting closer to your life goals. With all the solution above; there is no place for failure, especially for fresh graduate. Rejections are a natural process for every job seeker, do not let those things make you down.