Google Android Engineering Apps for Students

The Android engineering apps are mostly designed to make it a lot easier for the engineering students in doing their tasks. Choosing from so many engineering apps available in the Android app store and put them in our top list is not an easy task to do. It is quite often that some of the Android-based apps that do not work in our mobile device at all. In below we are listing some of the best Android Engineering Apps for Students.

The explosion of smartphone has affected our life in many different ways. More and more people around the world seem to attach themselves to their gadget and spend a greater deal of time using their most favorite mobile devices than ever before. Most of them rely on their mobile gadget for communication and entertainment purposes. Surprisingly, thanks to the explosion of various smartphone and tablet application, more users now equip their mobile devices with the kind of application that support or ease their work-related tasks.

In general, the latest mobile communication devices are supported by two different operating systems. The iOS from Apple is used in many Apple iPhones. Other than that, there are plenty of smartphones are empowered by Android operating system. Each of these operating system has their own specific applications and you can now find an Android application for almost every purpose in life. When the market of phone is now filled with more sophisticated Android smartphones and operating systems, the number of Android applications also increases significantly.

Almost every smartphone user on this planet is pretty familiar with Android operating system. This open source OS has been gradually developed by Google and it has a great capacity to enhance the functionality of the Android-based smartphones and tablets. Thanks to its open status, many people are free to develop their own smartphone applications without worrying about paying the royalty. Today, you can now find almost any kind of application to enrich your Android mobile devices. If you happen to be one of the engineering students, you must have a huge interest in downloading numerous application related to the engineering sector. Obviously, there are plenty of Android engineering apps available for students in the play store. Here, we would like to recap some of them considered as the top choices among the Android-based devices.

RealCalc Engineering App

This Android app is provided by Quartic Software and it is without a doubt that every engineering student has a need for a calculator. Thanks to this helpful Android app, you can now say goodbye to the grey and black plastic calculators. This calculator software provides the users with all the scientific formulas required by most engineering students. They shall find no trouble in calculating probability, permutations, hyperbolic functions, combinations and some other difficult mathematical equations. Not only that the Android-based smartphone or tablet users have an easy access to the previous calculations, they can also enjoy high resolution as well. Link to Download.

Electrical Engineering Pro

Multieducator, Inc. has introduced their Android app specifically meant for engineering students named Engineering Pro. This engineering app will come in very handy when you are in the middle of a field and are in need of formulas from various engineering branches. This software is impressively equipped with more than 650 inbuilt different formulas. Not only that the formulas in this software can be very useful for the students of Mechanical, Civil, Environmental and Electrical Engineering, the students of General Sciences may also find this software very helpful. Thanks to the 1000 conversion formulas built in this Android-based engineering app, converting one unit into another would not be a big deal at all. Link to Download.

Engineering Dictionary

It has to be one of the most popular Android app designed for engineering students. This software is very famous for its engineering terms and definitions well stored in the database. There are more than 5000 engineering terms attached to this software and the engineering students can simply rely on this Android app to improve their understanding about a particular concept. Link to Download.

Engineering Resources

It might be similar to the previous engineering app. Particularly, this Android app is specifically meant for the students of Structural Engineering and Civil Engineering. This engineering software also covers soil and material science. The fact that all the information in this Android app is bundled into one has made it a very informational software for many Android users. On the other hand, the engineering students can use it as a quick reference guide. Link to Download.

Engineering Jobs

It is also a very popular software among many engineering students especially when they graduate. They can rely on this engineering app to search for the most suitable engineering jobs. It is very important that you submit all the required information including your experience, engineering skills and needs correctly. It can be a nice bridge that connects the engineering students with their potential employers. Thus, make sure that you post a good and attractive resume in your profile. Link to Download.

Apparently, there are many other Android engineering apps for engineering students out there. You might need to try them yourself to see their compatibility. Before you download the engineering apps to your Android-based mobile devices, it would be best if you check on the system requirements. Another helpful tip in finding the best Android apps for the engineering students in the market is to check on its rating. It would be best if you spend a little bit more time in reading the customer reviews of the apps before actually use it in your mobile gadget.