Is Bachelors of Business Administration before MBA a Good Choice?

In today’s evolving world, students have plenty of career choices across different segments. Students who wish to pursue a career in management and be a significant part of the business world should consider courses like BBA and MBA. They are by far the most equipped courses for students who wish to step in the managerial side of an organization.

As one of the fastest-growing courses, taking a BBA admission and later MBA can kickstart a career in the right direction. It gives a complete 360-degree outlook on the business world and a chance to leave a mark. However, it’s essential that students choose to pursue BBA before MBA for many reasons. Here’s why!

1. First Step in the Functioning of Corporate World

Getting a BBA admission is the first step into the corporate world. A Bachelor of Business Administration degree offers a comprehensive overview of the functioning of the corporate world. As an introductory course, BBA students are drawn towards real-life business problems that help them adapt to the tactics, practices, and solutions.

2. Versatile Course with Endless Opportunities

BBA is one of the most versatile courses that can take a student in any direction they want. It opens the doorway to various business functions and allows students to further pursue an extensive career in finance, marketing, operations, human resources, business analytics, and more. So, if a student wishes to pursue their career in the marketing field, pursuing a specialized BBA course in marketing can give them the required knowledge and experience in the field.

3. Hands-On Practical Learning Experience

Management courses such as BBA are amongst the handful ones where the curriculum is divided equally between practical and theoretical knowledge. BBA specialized courses go even beyond to offer students with industry-centric challenges and push them into thinking strategically towards feasible solutions. There are case studies, projects, and internships that all guide students to get accustomed to various organizational functions.

4. Builds a Base for MBA

If eventually, someone wants to pursue an MBA, getting a BBA admission is perfect for them. A course like BBA has many specializations that are geared towards specific processes. For instance, students pursuing a specialisation in business analytics or marketing during their BBA will already have a powerful base when they pursue an MBA in the future. It will align them with their career goal right from the beginning and also allow them to leverage opportunities in the same field. By the time students graduate from the BBA course, they will have their most basic concepts clear and will enable them to build a broader perspective in the specialized field.

5. Exposure

BBA is a professional course that exposes students to not only real-time business challenges but also grants them the required experience to apply in their jobs. It takes the industrial route, which is necessary for students who wish to work as managers or in similar roles. BBA program across all specializations provide experience to take on real-time jobs.

However, do remember that not all universities will provide the same kind of exposure. Some universities go beyond and give students much more than others. Universities like UPES are known for their industry-aligned specialized courses and are geared towards providing students the right kind of exposure. They offer over 12 different specializations for the BBA course such as Auto Marketing, Foreign Trade, Aviation Operations, Oil and Gas Marketing, Logistics Management, and more. Not only that, such universities also have academic collaboration with partner institutions that provide the student the opportunity to go overseas and study for 4 weeks. Such level of exposure and experience during university help get better career opportunities and puts students in the right frame of mind to pursue an MBA.