Work from Home Recharge Plans those made our Life Easy

All thanks to COVID, work from home has become a new normal. And, nobody knows when we will get back to the previous everyday life. While some of the organizations have asked their employees to join back as with precautions and safety measures. However, there are still some organizations that have allowed their employees to work from. Working from home means a strong internet, a valuable internet pack that could let us make conference calls when desired, complete our work online, and all the other stuff that one is committed to do. Thankfully, many telecom service portals have made our life by introducing the best of the work from internet plans.

1. Airtel

The leading telecom service provider has introduced much work from the homework plan for its prepaid plans. Some of the famous works from plans that Airtel has come with Rs. 251 4G plan for all the prepaid users. The plan does not have restricted validity. In total, it offers 50GB; the validity depends on the existing plans. If you have taken the existing plan for 24 days, the 4G voucher plan will expire in 24 days. The only drawback of this package is that the unused data will expire with the plan. If you want to enjoy the pack’s benefits if you choose to recharge your registered number with both the projects in the same day. Another drawback of these packs is that you will not get the benefit of calling and SMS.

2. Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio is known for its affordable recharge plans that are no less than bliss for all the Jio subscribers. Currently, the telecom service provider came up with many Jio wifi plans that have allowed the Jio users the to work from their home without any challenge and difficulty. It has also introduced 4G voucher plans that would provide you 50GB data per day. These plans are available at the price of Rs. 151, Rs. 201, and 251. The 151 prepaid Jio plan offers 30GB data. On the other hand, Rs. 201 plan gives 40GB data. And not to forget the Rs 251 recharge plan provides 50GB data. The pack is available with the validity of 30 days to the 4G voucher plan.

3. Vodafone WFH Plan

Taking the cue from Airtel and Reliance Jio, Vodafone has also come up with various work from home plans for all the cities, including Assam, Odisha, Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, and many other cities in the country. It has majorly introduced three plans that include 299 prepaid recharge plans, 449 prepaid recharge plans, and 699 recharge plans. The 299 prepaid recharge plan includes 4GB high speed with unlimited voice calling to any of the networks. The validity of the plan is up to 28 days. Another prepaid plan that has come from Vodafone is the 449 prepaid plan. The plan offers 4 GB data (high speed) along with the unlimited voice calls, and the validity for the same stands for 56 days.

Another pack that you can make use is Rs. 699 pack of the Vodafone. The only disadvantage of this plan is that it is quite expensive. However, it provides maximum benefits that include 4G high-speed data and unlimited voice calling. The validity for the same is 86 days, along with 4G data.


To provide relief, the telecom service providers have introduced an array of work from home plans that offer sufficient data. Some of these plans also offer unlimited calling and free SMS. In this blog we have curated a list of latest Jio work from plans, that are no less than a bliss.