Best Mobile Recharge Apps Google Pay, PhonePe or Airtel Money

One of the biggest changes that have come to our financial lives in the past decade has been the steady increase of digital transactions in our lives. Today many of these transactions through the various services help us take care of our everyday needs. One of the services where we have made a big transition to digital payments is mobile recharges, while many of us used to depend upon the nearby stores for our mobile recharge, now we instead use the friendly and efficient mobile recharge app. When it comes to choosing the right mobile recharge apps according to our needs, it can be a tough call. One of the big reasons for this is the fact that many of the apps share the basic functionality; however, some of these stand out with extra features and special functionalities. Here are some of the best mobile recharge apps in India that have made a difference to the customers.

Airtel Thanks App and Airtel Money

Airtel is one of the biggest network providers in the country and that is why the Airtel Thanks App is also one of the most popular mobile apps in the country. Airtel Thanks App does not only provide recharge for Airtel Prepaid mobiles and DTH but also all other telecom operators. The benefit that you get while using the Airtel Thanks App is that it is extremely simple, fast, and secure. If you use the first RBI-approved digital payment bank of India, Airtel Payments Bank and their mobile app Airtel Money Wallet, you can unlock even more rewards such as additional cashback. The Airtel Safe Pay which is Airtel’s signature secure payment function uses two-step payment authentication, making it one of the safest recharge apps. The Airtel Money Wallet even works without an active internet connection using the USSD codes, making it an extremely versatile app in the Indian context.

Google Pay

Google Pay is the payment and recharge app of the tech giant Google and that makes it one of the most technologically advanced apps. The specialty of this app is that it is not a wallet but just a UPI app. This means that the money is not stored anywhere by Google during the course of the transaction making it extremely secure. You also earn cashback and rewards for your recharges and payments.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is not a separate app but works seamlessly as functionality in the Amazon website and Amazon App. The best part of using Amazon Pay is that you can easily make payments for your retail purchases. It is also a very user-friendly option with a clean interface.


PhonePe has been getting a lot of accolade due to its clean interface and simplistic UI. The app can carry out the recharge in lesser steps than other apps what translates to faster recharges and less wastage of time. Once you have completed the KYC, you can also use this app for making investment decisions. The only drawback of this app is that there is no option to use it on a browser.

All of these payment and recharge apps are great options and if one needs to do a simple recharge, most of these will work equally well. On other functionalities, Airtel Thanks App and Airtel Payments Bank definitely provide much more safety and features.