Reception to Conferencing Hall few predictions for Office Fit Out Ideas

As 2022 is about to end, it is a wonderful time to think about how the New Year will be like. For business owners, its time to think about how your working space will look in the new normal. The ideal office fit out considers the interests of employees and clients. Here are some predictions for Office area will look like in 2023.

Digital Reception

Your business should not afford to look outdated and ill-prepared for reopening during the pandemic. The front office employee plays a significant role in initiating the ideal tone by greeting and signing in visitors and clients. Now that COVID 19 dictates how businesses work, you have to make your reception area safe and appealing.

Investing in the appropriate technology will guarantee visitors, staff, and clients that you care about their health and safety. Do you require visitors to sign on arrival? Signing in a physical book is outdated today for increasing the risk of transmitting COVID. Some tech solutions to include in your reception area include:

  • Contactless Sign in
  • Digital Agreements
  • Visitor Screening
  • Digital Staff in-out system
  • Custom Sign-in screen

Focus on Interior Design

Businesses today are focusing on getting back to work as safely and quickly as possible. Now is the time to call one of the best office fit out companies in Dubai to make your workplace match safety guidelines. Some interior design ideas to promote social distancing include moving desks apart, including barriers, and removing some chairs.

When outfitting your office, you should focus on making it feel more natural while encouraging staff to come back to the office. Apart from social distancing, the new office layout should include glass screens, bleach breathable fabrics, limited travel, and encouraging staff to keep working from home.

Video Conferencing Hall and Telepresence

Collaboration ensures good outcomes in the workplace, making meeting spaces vital. However, the conference room of the new world should allow safe socialization. Having a huge round table with a speakerphone and seats is now a thing of the past. The ideal conference room today relies heavily on video conferencing and telepresence tech solutions.

You have to invest in high-quality audio and video to create a hybrid meeting in the conference room. The space should have large touchscreens, microphones, and high-tech cameras. Be ready to rely heavily on software to unify the backgrounds of attendees and to eliminate distractions. This will allow everyone to seem like they are in the same room.

The checklist for an ideal conference hall post COVID include:

  • Brief and Concise meetings
  • Introducing booking
  • Planning for just the space needed
  • No Ghost meetings

Working Area of the Workplace

Before the pandemic, the workplace had shifted from working full-time at a desk to an open plan setting interspersed with spending some time on a sofa. Now is the time to rethink your working area to make it future-proof. You have to keep in mind your business culture, nature of business, and professional opinion.

The office of the future is a fully balanced space with people getting support to work. Your workspace should be quiet, collaborative, and comfortable. Additionally, a balanced workplace is visually appealing. It should also reflect your brand’s social and environmental beliefs that emphasize wellbeing. Investing in this will make your workspace more productive with the ability to retain staff.

Furniture Essentials

As people return to work, there is a need to rethink your furniture strategy. Privacy furniture is a wonderful idea. Apart from flexibility, this furniture offers a desk while in the office and space for one-on-one virtual meetings. Pods provide privacy and security. Another option is offering multiple seating and soft seating.

Investing in acoustic privacy furniture offers quiet spaces for staff to escape from distractions. This furniture also enhances focus and productivity. The pod walls block any noises from outside. Working without distraction boosts wellbeing and happiness by helping to lower the stress level.

Shared Spaces

The social connection among employees builds strong bonds and trust. When planning to make your office safer, the shared spaces should never be ignored. However, you have to keep physical distancing, circulation pattern, and density in mind. Making your office match the requirements of the future requires having shared spaces.

These should allow employees to come closer together without breaching safety guidelines. Investing in flexible furniture that allows moving apart to support physical distancing is a good idea. Other ways to utilize this furniture include changing geometry by placing it at angles and shielding to create divisions.

With business slowly getting back to normal, you have to prepare your office for the future. Working with the best fit out company in Dubai is worth the investment. Professional assistance will allow getting recommendations and service on the essential amenities that will enhance the safety of your staff and clients.