Benefits of the Top 4 Airtel Wifi Plans with free Router

Looking for an internet connection so that all your devices can be connected to the internet? Buying a wifi connection would solve all your everyday internet needs. A wifi connection for your home or work lets you connect all your devices with a unhindered internet connection. In that case, getting an Airtel Wifi connection is the one you are looking for. Pick our unmatchable superfast 1Gbps plan for your home. Every Airtel Wifi Plan comes with the Router, which is absolutely free. The free router is set up in your home, as included in the Wifi Plan. The Wifi Router is required to reconvert the signals into data that are used in physical internet connection. The Router is provided by Airtel without charging any cost.

Airtel Wifi plans do not compromise with range and bandwidth and power consumption so that you won’t compromise on speed and browsing.
Airtel is based on the superior V-fiber technology that delivers superfast internet. The V-fiber technology marks less buffering faster downloads for all devices connected.

Here are Top 4 Airtel Wifi Plans that I have found among the best Wifi plans for the Wifi Connection near me:

1. Basic Plan

Keeping your pocket in mind, Airtel has designed this Basic Wifi plan to suit your daily internet needs. This monthly plan comes at the cost of Rs. 799 with 150 Gb data and bandwidth up to 100 Mbps which is uninterrupted with the same speed throughout the provided data capacity with unlimited Local/STD Calls. Airtel Wifi connection comes with the one-month free subscription of Airtel Xstream as Airtel Thanks Benefit.

2. Entertainment Plan

Airtel, one of the best wifi plans is pocket friendly and satisfactorily moderate monthly data pack comes at the handsome amount of Rs.999 for up to 200Mbps speed for 300Gb data with Unlimited Local/STD Calls along with the free subscription of Airtel Xstream, Amazon Prime and Zee5 as a token of Thanks Benefits. In case your data is used up you can top up your existing plan to unlimited usage in just Rs.299.

3. Premium Plan

This massive 500Gb data plan comes at the price of Rs.1499, with the whooping speed of 300Mbps and the wifi connection plan comes with every possible offering one can think for such as Free Airtel Xstream, Amazon Prime, Zee5 and free Unlimited Local/STD Calls. However, it is impossible to exhaust 500Gb, but in case your data is used up you can continue using the internet with a top-up of just Rs.299 for no data cap.

4. VIP Plan

The 1Gbps super-lightening wifi plan makes it one of the best internet plans one can claim at just Rs.3999 with no data limit, it comes with Free subscriptions of Airtel Xstream, Amazon Prime and Zee5, Unlimited Local/STD Calls for free. This all comes along with the free Airtel router too.

Always on-connectivity, high speed, and security are three main characteristics of any good Wifi Plan, Airtel proves its worth with the track record of excellence these three. Based on super V-FIBER technology make it one of the best internet connection.