10 Advantages of Switching to a Cloud based VOIP phone System

In the present age competition is high and there is an acute time constraint especially in business scenarios. This is where the VOIP concept gets introduced. These advanced phone facility is not restricted to any fixed premise bound hardware. This internet protocol is basically inducted in a business environment in order to redirect and channelize calls with the help of the connection. An internet based or the phone service that functions only with the availability of internet has been categorized as cloud based virtual phone system. This cloud phone system enables redirecting calls to the designated employees working in a company.

Following are the beneficial aspects of switching to this phone system:

One-time Investments

In order to survive in the industry one needs to maintain parity with changing times simply because the age old fashioned phone systems are gradually becoming outdated. The reason for that is its high maintenance cost which adds on a great deal to the operating expenditure of a business specifically for firms that are not technically equipped to handle telecom issues. In such scenarios they are forced to incur cost on specialized technicians.

Shifting to this user friendly phone system will make the stakeholders stress free about constant up-gradation of their software system. The proficient team of internet service provider handles your worries about maintenance.

Effective business growth Strategy/Continuity

Electronics cannot be blindly relied so it is evident that all companies would want to ensure that do not lose out on any information which is of value to their business in cases like hardware malfunction, occurrences of fire break-outs or flood etc. Moreover, a traditional land phone in such extreme situation would only leave unanswered calls that might contribute in loss of business.

However a cloud-based service gives you a server reach within 1,000 miles distance the office premises. The advantage of a virtual phone system is this that it automatically saves your important documents by simultaneously creating a file back-up for future recovery if required. This enhances a hassle-free running of the business with minimum obstacles making it easier to focus on your business.

Cost cutting on long distance call charges

In comparison to the traditional communication service the call rates of Voip phone services are way cheaper. This is valid majorly for long distance calls. The expenditure related to local calls can be cut down up to 40% whereas in a smaller business case scenario international call costs can be reduced to a maximum of 90%. The roaming call charges are less due to the internet accessibility. Along with that the installation charges are also minimal.

Attractive extra features

With immense business pressure many companies have a tendency to imbibe exclusive call features that enable a rise in the proficiency levels of taking calls as well as staff maximization. Novel advance features like call blocking and call announcing facilities, VOIP endpoints; unlimited internet usage comes along with the cloud based communication system.

Highly Reliable

The providers of the internet based phone service are promising to an extent where it concentrates on a hugely flexible and strong voice communication network ensuring 99% service quality.

Manage your system flexibly

After the installation of you cloud based phone system you are given a virtual phone number whereby you receive calls. You can avail and handle the system from anywhere because it provides that much geographical flexibility because all you need is an internet connection.

Reduces mobile usage

In case of a virtual manpower scenario costs like monthly roaming charges might be incurred. The extended internet facility that comes handy with VoIP services vigorously reduces the monthly data costs for Smartphone as well as the employee’s personal laptop. Your house landline phone systems can also be connected.

Hosted Service

VoIP cloud organizations generally deliver their services over internet through WAN. The VoIP cloud companies mostly have a devoted team in customer helpline to respond to your daily queries about the functioning and regular issues, if any.

On-hold Music

Keeping callers on hold is a very common and natural situation and times it is also necessary and imposed due to work pressures. In that case this feature proves to be particularly beneficial because projecting a client to silence creates a negative impact on them.

DND facility

This is one crucial feature that proves to a blessing during conference call, meetings and lunch hour. It restricts incoming calls for a while. This feature can be activated so that the callers don’t feel ignored.