Things to know When buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Shopping for an engagement ring is an exciting moment. After you’ve found the one, at last, the next step is to shop for a matching ring to pop the big question. Despite the fun when shopping for an engagement ring, it can become a bit confusing especially to first-timers. To make your search easier, here are some things to keep in mind when buying a Diamond Engagement Ring.

Diamonds and settings and sold separately

This is something most people don’t know. The center stones and settings for an engagement ring are sold separately. When shopping for an engagement ring, you shop for the center stone or white diamond and the setting (metal framework for holding the center stone). However, some rings come with the center stone.

All antique engagement rings come complete while some modern jewelers are always designing present rings. Today, most contemporary jewelers sell center stones and settings separately. Keep this in mind before hitting the market for an engagement ring.

Understand the 4Cs

When browsing engagement rings from a diamond factory jewelry outlet, you have to understand the 4Cs. These make up the diamond quality grading system. The cut is how well a diamond is cut in relation to capturing light. Color is a measure of how colorless white diamond is.

Clarity is how flawless the diamond is internally and externally. Carat is the measure of weight determining the size of a diamond. Jewelry experts recommend prioritizing diamond cut over other Cs. A diamond with a poor cut won’t reflect light properly;y making it look dim and dull.

Setting Style and Center Stone Shape matter

The setting style and shape of the center stone have the largest impact on the style of an engagement ring. The center stone in an engagement ring is oval, emerald, or round. Each shape of the stone comes with a unique style. Additionally, the style of the engagement ring setting determines its overall style. The setting is unique, contemporary, vintage, or classic.

Book Early

When not buying a present ring, you have to give the jewelry enough time to make you a personalized ring matching your setting. Keep in mind that some types of rings are made in order and require some time. Ensure to book early so you get your ring early before your bid day. About 6 weeks in advance is a good time to give the jeweler enough time to complete your ring.

Every Amount is enough

There’s no ballpark figure for how much to spend on an engagement ring. Some people say spending three months’ salary is ideal for the ring. The truth is, there’s no right amount for everyone. You just have to spend what you can afford. It all comes down to having a budget that considers your financial situation. Then, you can spend what you feel is enough on the engagement ring.

Fortunately, you can always upgrade in the future. If you can’t afford the big flashy ring for your engagement, you can always upgrade when it comes to the wedding. You can also upgrade your engagement on an anniversary or birthday. So, if an expensive engagement ring is out of your budget today, you can upgrade any time to come.

Understand Center Stones

The setting of an engagement ring can come with various precious metals. However, the same setting can have different center stones. Some of the popular ones include white gold, platinum, rose gold, and yellow gold. The choice is yours to pick the precious metal that matches your ideal ring style and budget.

Warranties and Jewelry Insurance

Many people fail to distinguish between the jewelry warranty and insurance. However, these are quite different. A jewelry warranty covers replacement for damaged or lost diamonds for a lifetime. The jeweler requests to have the piece inspected regularly after six months to check for damages.

Jewelry insurance covers replacement when lost, stolen, or damaged. It is for items including bracelets, necklaces, and rings with significant value. After investing much in your valuables, the cover protects them against the occurrence of such misfortunes.

Customizing is Possible

Sometimes you might fail to find your ideal engagement ring. Fortunately, it is possible to order a custom ring. Apart from being easy and affordable, a customized ring is worth the extra time you’re willing to invest. By the end of the process, you will have a unique ring that matches your expectations to give your better half.

When planning to pop the big question, you have to be well equipped. The most significant item of value to have at that moment is your engagement ring. A diamond engagement ring is worth the investment. Knowledge about buying engagement rings from pros is strongly recommended.