Learn What Inside Sales is and How Does It Work?

Have you ever heard of the term “inside sales” in business?

In its simplest definition, inside sales refer to sales that are done professionally but remotely. So it also earned the term “remote sales.” This is opposite to “outside sales,” which is done through face-to-face interactions or traditional sales. So, What Is Inside Sales and its role for businesses today?

Generating Leads

Many companies have found inside sales to be useful for their organization. But it also sparked conflict between the old and new methods. Let’s take, for example, upstarts who are much younger and more tech-savvy who closed some sales via phone. On the other hand, we have seniors who have been their organization’s revenue source through political power and traditional methods of conducting transactions by visiting their clients and selling them face-to-face.

But in today’s modern world, many companies are already mixing both methods of remote sales and inside sales. Nowadays, even sales professionals and seniors are calling remotely from their company to sell their product or service, with occasional travel to their client location. Even from their remote areas, these professionals still call it “sales.”

Is Remote Sales Telemarketing?

Many may mistake remote sales as telemarketing since it’s mostly done via selling on the phone. However, there’s a difference between the two. Telemarketing is mainly scripted and on a single-call-close process.

Inside sales or remote sales, on the other hand, are not scripted and aren’t completed on a single call. At times, calls are needed for the professional to close a deal. It can also be scheduled and at an agreed time between the client and the seller, whereas telemarketers can call you randomly during dinner time.

What Is Inside Sales and the Benefits for My Organization?

There are multiple pros that inside sales can offer a lot of representatives and businesses.

#1 Saves Time

For sales reps, they can save time since there’s no longer a need to travel. The extra time can then be used to do more calls and perform other sales tasks. This saves clients time because they have the option of setting the schedule when they want to discuss it with the rep.

#2 More Use of Technology

Inside sales aren’t just limited to phone calls. With the advent of technology, one can utilize video calls and conferences other than just a plain call. This gives way for better demonstration and discussion of products and services.

#3 Better Customer Experience

As mentioned before, technology is a significant factor that many consumers now consider. Nowadays, they mostly prefer digital or online marketing.

Factors to Consider

Indeed, learning all about inside sales can make you see how it may be helpful to your business. However, there are also factors to consider, such as the goals your company has set and what products and services you offer. You have to keep in mind that it’s not an instant solution that will automatically increase sales.

So, you should gather enough information and study your organization to see if it can increase your lead generation. Also, to make your inside sales strategy more effective, you can opt to use a remote sales software to monitor your reps, get metrics and data to analyze the effectiveness of your strategies, and evaluate your team better.