Feminine Styles and Designs in Moonstone Jewelry

It has the shine of the moon and is always in demand in gemstone jewelry. Moonstone jewelry has been popular since ancient civilizations. Jewelry lovers are in awe of its beauty and the glowing sheen which comes from a unique phenomenon called adularescence. It belongs to the feldspar group of minerals that are spread wide across the crust of the earth.

Moonstone originates from India and Madagascar. The gemstone is chiefly associated with the moon, and it is said that it brings calm to the wearer’s life. There are so many exciting folklores attached to it. Some say that it can show you the future, while some say it is the slid form of moonbeam. But most importantly, the most popular one is that it brings good luck and calm to the wearer’s life.

It is the birthstone for people born in June. So, if your loved one has their birthday this month, then you can think of gifting them a moonstone accessory. Moonstone rings are a delicate beauty, so it is a fantastic gift option if your partner loves something like that.

The Popularity of this Gemstone

Moonstone has garnered so much love in the past, and even now, its demand is ever-growing. The jewelry designers of the Art Noveau era created moonstone jewelry in the 1890s and 1910s. New Age designers of the 1990s also used the jewelry during the 1960s ‘flower child.’ With passing time, there are always the latest trends in jewelry. At Rananjay Exports, you will find classic as well as modern designs in moonstone jewelry.

Why Choose Moonstone Jewelry?

It goes with almost any outfit. Due to adularescence, the light gets scattered inside its body, due to which it produces a soft sheen. It has that delicate appearance that makes this rich beauty go with almost every kind of outfit. You can choose it for your everyday jewelry and special occasions – Moonstone gives you the benefit of being worn regularly and reserved for special affairs. You can go for an individual moonstone ring or the stackable ones; both look classy and chic. In addition, moonstone earrings add an instant charm to your face.

Moonstone accessory is a good option for those who love the minimalist look: Minimal look is gaining popularity these days. Fashion lovers know the vital role jewelry plays in the overall regard, and if it creates a minimal effect, it is for the best. It looks chic and is never too much.

Moonstone accessory has a feminine look altogether – The gemstone is known for its feminine look. It also has feminine energies that help the wearer find an emotional balance. The powers of the crystal change your aggressiveness into calm and gentle behavior towards others. The gemstone is often associated with the qualities of the moon: The moon affects our emotions with its waxing and waning, and moonstone is said to keep us stable during those times.

It comes in various colors – Moonstone comes in many colors like peach/yellow, pink, white, rainbow, gray, blue. Each color has its metaphysical properties.

Sources of Moonstone

Moonstone can be found in Armenia, Mexico, India, Australia, Madagascar, Poland, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Norway, and the United States.

Styles and Ways to flaunt a Moonstone

Choose a simple and modern design – A simple shape and setting of the gemstone in jewelry will focus on the stone. Even a simple bracelet can add grace to your look.

Go Hippie

Moonstone makes for the best hippie collection. A large cabochon set in a pendant can give you a nice boho look. You can also go for stackable rings to pull the bohemian look.

Go with the Raw Gemstone

Roughly cut stones appear in their natural shape. It shows that you have a mysterious personality and that you have your definition of fashion.

Embrace the Statement Look

A colorful gemstone in large size can make for a good statement accessory. You can go for earrings of a rare color variety. You can also choose unique settings for the stone in the accessory.

At Rananjay Exports, you will find a very classy collection of statement moonstone jewelry.

The Vintage Style

The moonstone has been there for civilizations. You can easily find vintage and antique-style moonstone necklaces, rings, and earrings. These have the gem in oval or tear shape.

Moonstone with the Addition of Side Stones

In some moonstone ring, you will find side stones added to the piece. This adds extra shimmer to the jewelry piece. It will heal and calm you so that you feel peace channeled to your inner self. It brings a sense of wholesomeness to the wearer’s life.

What does the Gemstone Bring to you?

Moonstone will bring tranquility to your life with its feminine energies. It also brings love, affection, and good fortune to the wearer’s life. It brings light into your life and helps you find an emotional balance that gets disrupted during the full moon. The gemstone will help you accept the changing nature of life and not fear the unknown.

Before buying Moonstone Jewelry, keep this in Mind

If you are planning to buy a moonstone accessory daily, go for the ones that have a bezel or prong setting. This will protect the gemstone so you can cherish it for a long time. And if you want to shop for occasional jewelry then you can go for a beaded necklace.

Moonstone looks great in silver. Be it a moonstone bracelet or a moonstone ring, the sheen of this mystic beauty goes well with the silver metal.

Where Can you buy Moonstone Jewelry?

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