Gold Coins or A Property Gifts that Appreciate in Value

In India, we have a trend of giving money on many occasions instead of a gift. It is considered as a good omen. Moreover, it is a symbol of savings and prosperity. The thing is while thinking of a gift for someone we tend to think of something unique, of long term use and beneficial. But very rare we come up with a good online gift for beloved one. Money is not the only thing which fulfills your demand for gifting, there are other things too. So what other gifts do you consider to have a value that appreciates with the given time? Let’s discuss some of these here:

Gold Coins

Although it is unknown to all that exactly where gold prices are heading to, but what we all do know is that the value of commodities has soared in the latest years. So instead of presenting an envelope of cash to your near and dear ones, consider gifting them a gold coin. It will be an asset for them, beneficial in certain ways. Gold is one of the most precious metals in India so it is obvious that its price will appreciate by passing years.


There were many indoor business games like monopoly which taught us, how to invest and where to invest and the importance of savings. Those lessons we learned then proved to be useful and practical today. When we are planning a gift for our children we generally think of something which will benefit them in the long run and something which will have a higher value in the future. Well, what’s better than buying some share on their name as their future investment? Or transferring some of the shares you have on their name. This way you can also teach them then basics of share market to prepare them for the future. Isn’t that brilliant and constructive?

A Property

Quite an investment it is. For those who have a good amount to spend, buying and gifting property is the best thing. If you are planning something for your wife or kids then what can be a better option than to invest in a property on their name. It will surely be the best decision of your life which you won’t ever regret. Property is a backup plan for everyone’s financial health. Property is something which if you possess you can never get poor until your time is really bad. Further that property can be rented to generate a regular income.

Arts and Antiques

These are assets which you can use to decorate your home and thus make a great deal of gift to present it to your parents. You have to be very good at determining which art piece is original and which antique piece is an antique and not an artificial. Artwork by famous artists holds a great value especially if that artist is no longer lives. And antiques, as you all know, are important to revive our history in the present. So how can anyone not value these things? Some of the items are even costlier than your house itself. Strange isn’t it? But true. These types of things are auctioned and its advertisement is published through various media channels for the public to know. Some of them are also available for online gifts delivery.

Rare Watches

Watch is the most common gifts among all but do you know that some rare watches are a good investment and always give you an appreciated value. Some brands launch limited edition watches which do the round in the market from one buyer to other hence appreciating its value higher than from its original price. One of the best examples of such a brand is “Rolex”.

These were some gift ideas to let you know that a gift was given by you once can yield forever. So think before you decide a gift for your near and dear one, there is always a room for better ideas. So, next time when you plan to make someone’s day special, make it even extraordinary by giving him/her happiness and security for a lifetime. You may be gone from this world one day but your gift will be remembered for many years. So, what are you waiting to start looking for one now?