Rolex Edition Watches Oyster Perpetual or Daytona or PearlMaster

The year 2021 made most of us lose track of time and for 2022, we should make every second count and Rolex has us covered! Rolex is arguably one of the best watch manufacturers of all time. With an emphasis on durable luxury, they have styles for all and any occasion. In this article, we have our top 5 picks for Rolex Edition watches that you have to check out this 2022!

Rolex Edition Watches


If you think that the Submariner is too mainstream, or if you like the aesthetic but it doesn’t quite scratch that itch, let me introduce you to the subby’s big brother, the Sea-Dweller. It’s generally larger than a Submariner, but it comes in 40mm to 44mm variants.

With a more aggressive case and bezel design, the Sea-Dweller is Rolex’s most highly-engineered diving watch. With the help of a Helium Escape Valve, the watch is capable of withstanding underwater pressures of up to 4,000 feet.

The powerful design gives the watch reliability and a very prominent wrist presence. The Rolex Sea-Dweller is a timepiece with no-frills. Wear it to the beach or an evening party, it will look amazing. Take it diving and it won’t let you down. The Sea-Dweller is the watch you’re looking for, for that active lifestyle.


Rolex is known for its elegant and masculine designs but the company does not limit itself to these. Among their classic designs, PearlMaster stands out with the exquisiteness of its esteemed metals and gemstones. The watch flaunts a dial dressed in 18 ct gold, 713 diamonds, and a diamond-embedded model case and bracelet.

The sophisticated diamond-studded PearlMaster is an art piece with outstanding features. Each sapphire, ruby, gold, diamond, or pearl used are selected with meticulous criteria to ensure the quality of each watch. It is not just eye-candy but is also a functional piece with its technical movement specifications.

The watch is tested to be waterproof up to 100 meters. It is also equipped with a 3235 caliber perpetual self-winding, mechanical movement that has a 70-hour reserve. Since its release in 1992, the Pearlmaster has been outstanding with its elegance and style. It is the perfect watch to make a statement.

Oyster Perpetual

One of the pioneering models of Rolex is the Oyster Perpetual which has been among the consumer’s favorites since its release. Model upgrades that were made last year even took over the headlines from the newly released Submariner. Like the Submariner, the improved Oyster Perpetual 2020 features a 41mm altered case size making it the largest in the lineup.

Additional color options were also released by Rolex that would surely attract a greater audience. The new and improved Caliber 3230 with anti-magnetic Chronergy escapement and the Paraflex shock absorbers also improved the model’s shock resistance.

Part of the new subtle adjustments that you should look out for is the wider range of dial hues, brighter dial luminescence, the brilliant folding Oysterclasp, and the Easylink extension link. And finally, the seventy-hour power reserve tops the list of the upgrades made.

Submariner-green bezel

The Submariner is one of the best-selling models Rolex has ever produced. Touted by many enthusiasts as the best production line of watches ever produced and along with cutting-edge engineering, the Submariner’s visual design has influenced dive watches since its release in 1954.

The green-bezel ref. 126610LV is particularly eye-catching with a subtle, but noticeable pop of Rolex’s signature color. For a dive watch, the submariner is sturdy, visible, and water-resistant, but still slim on the wrist and luxurious. At the end of the day, the Submariner can easily be the “One” watch that does it all.


In Philip’s Final 2020 auction, Paul Newman’s “Big Red” Daytona ref. 6263 sold for over 5 Million USD and in 2017, his Daytona ref. 6239 Sold for 17.8 Million USD. These watches fetch a premium for collectors for good reasons!

The Daytona is the prime definition of a racing watch, named after Daytona beach in Florida, the area was home to some of the greatest names in automobile racing. When Paul Newman starred in the hit racing film “Winning”, he was wearing a Daytona. From that point on, the “Panda Dial” ref. 6239 was called the “Paul Newman Daytona”.

The classic three sub-dial design eventually evolved into the Cosmograph Daytona, a watch born to race. Featuring the chronometer grade Calibre 4130 chronograph in-house movement, the watch keeps time with unparalleled precision. Accompanied by the triple sub-dial face, it is definitely an eye-catcher. From the asphalt track to formal events, with a multitude of designs featuring steel, gold, and platinum, there is a watch for every man.


With all the options in the watch industry, I bet that you’re not quite sure which watch to choose as your companion for this new year. Worry not! We’ve now narrowed the choices down for you for the Rolex edition. Got your watch yet?