Reduce the effects of Dementia with this Alternative Treatments

Alzheimer’s disease is the leading cause of dementia, accounting for up to 70% of all cases. Mental abilities such as memory, language, and sense of direction all deteriorate over time and can lead to behavioral issues and the eventual loss of bodily functions.

The exact causes of the disease are poorly understood, and a cure has yet to be discovered. That’s why an increasing numbers of people are seeking for an alternative treatment. Alzheimer’s sufferers may find some hope in the treatment offered by the Center for Neuro-regenerative Medicine.

What Are Your Options?

There are very few effective treatments for Alzheimer’s, with medications providing only minor benefits. None of the currently available pharmaceutical options available have shown any effectiveness in halting, or even slowing the progress of the condition. Other treatments focus on psychosocial intervention and palliative caregiving.

A huge amount of research has been conducted into the causes of the disease, as well as looking for potential treatments and cures. Despite this, there has been a lack of any definitive answers, leading medical practitioners to look further afield in search of an alternative treatment for Alzheimer’s.

After experimenting with the principles of Chinese and French acupuncture techniques, German neurologist and researcher Dr Ulrich Werth introduced his new method for treating Parkinson’s disease in 2001. Soon after, further research indicated that the treatment he had developed also was effective in the treatment of dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr Werth’s treatment can reduce the effects of dementia, and in some cases even cause a reversal of the damage. Patients treated with the procedure have reported an improvement in memory and other cognitive function within days to a few months.

What Does the Treatment involve?

The treatment requires the implantation of 2mm long titanium “permanent needles” under the skin and in the cartilage of the outer ear, which is in turn linked via a number of nerve pathways. Brain scans have shown that this permanent form of acupuncture stimulates a number of active points in the brain and encourage the release of dopamine, a vital neurochemical for proper brain function. This in turn leads to the regeneration of brain cells and improvements in cognition.

The procedure itself is performed under local anaesthesia, and doesn’t require hospitalisation. The clinic is located in Valencia, and can help you organise every aspect of your visit, from booking a flight, to sorting out Visas, and even linking you with hotels that are adapted for your specific needs.

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