Duplex Homes – Home Design that is Worth Investing in

Owning a duplex home has many advantages in the 21st century, especially with the ever-increasing demand for land. As the word suggests, duplex means owing two in one. In simpler terms, duplex designs consist of two attached homes/living units, divided by a common wall in the center. In effect, two houses can be built on a single block using such a design. With leading builders like Champion Homes coming to the fore in Sydney, people can customize and own their dream duplex and enjoy the benefits that come along with it. Basically there are 3 types of Duplex Homes Single Storey, Double Storey (Up & Down) and Double Storey (Side-by-Side).

Advantages of Duplex Homes

First and major advantages of Duplex Houses are positive reselling value. At the Same end Can accommodate two families easily, I mean 8 to 10 persons. Duplex Homes gives freedom for earning using Paying Guest facility. These kinds of properties required Lower insurance cover.

Here is a list of the advantages of owning a duplex home in Sydney, Australia.

1. Mortgage Advantages

From the house owner’s point of view, the prospect of owning a duplex is very enticing since they can live in one side of the home and obtain monthly rent from the tenants residing in the other side of the duplex. It is one of the many advantages of duplex designs as they help the house owner ease paying off the mortgage. Suppose, if the mortgage is $1300 a month, the owner can rent one part of the home for $800 a month and add $500 to that and can easily make the payment each month. In long-run sharing your duplex apartment with another family may result disputes and privacy. So while choosing tenant choose good family. In the other part of your duplex if you are with family don’t hire bachelor as tenant. Prefer family mates.

Another alternative is selling one of the homes if the house owner is interested. The approximate cost for construction of the house to the council fee would be around $610000. The owner can quickly sell one of the homes for $360000 and earn profit very soon within a year. The choice is up to him/her.

2. More Space means more Privacy

The significant advantage of duplexes is that they are highly adaptable and very spacious. The residents can create a play area for kids if required, set up a studio for vloggers (since vlogging is the day’s trend), and have open courtyards and extensive gardens. In place of a balcony 90% duplex homes are with Terrace. Which can help your kids to celebrate parties or events. The plus point is that there can be many additions without overlapping into each other. Privacy is a desired thing amidst the humdrum of modern life. Spacious duplex homes with high-end specifications assure privacy to the residents by having their own spaces.

3. Accommodate elderly members of the Family

If one has elderly members/relatives in the family, it is a priority to accommodate them and give them proper care. Duplex is the ideal home option in this scenario as one can live in one part of the home and adjust the elderly members in the other part of the house. Notably, this is a necessity in the case of elderly members with health problems. They might need a second person to fulfil various needs such as cooking, cleaning and so forth.

Elderly relatives who look forward to spending their retirement life in nursing homes or other faraway places can also live comfortably in a duplex, without sacrificing the residents’ privacy in the house.

4. Duplex Homes are Affordable

Duplex homes allow the house owner to cover the expense spent on construction and associated purposes (land cost, subdivision etc.) in a brief period. It is better to choose the plot in an affordable location to cut the overall expenses further. Additionally, compared with luxury homes of almost similar specifications (number of bedrooms, square feet etc.), builders can build duplexes at a much more affordable rate.

5. Use for Office/Guest House

As duplex homes are larger you can use the part of your house for commercial purpose. Duplex homes are best place to setup your offices or lab. This gives freedom for work from Home. Using duplex homes you can easily afford Guest House service in your local area. If you are sharing part of your home for commercial purpose separate the electric unit and water lines.

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