7 Celebrities you would never Guessed have Breast implants

Hollywood celebrities are known for getting breast implants and various other kinds of surgeries done during the course of their career in the industry. While several reports suggest that it is all because of the pressure they deal with to look a certain way, celebrities have totally denied the fact and say that it is because they wanted to look better and feel more confident about themselves. On that note, here’s a look at the seven most popular celebs who chose to get breast implants and never regretted talking about it at all!

Salma Hayek

Beautiful Latina actress who is known for her notable works in Hollywood, Salman Hayek is one of those who got breast implants. Now that is a hard to believe fact! The curvaceous bombshell apparently spent a whopping 10,000 dollars on getting the implants done. From a C cup, she went to flaunting double Ds. Not that Salma’s body was not attractive before. She was always very beautiful and attractive but as you can tell, her latest implants are a new highlight. According to several sources, she’s maintain her breast looks with a breast firming cream called Brestrogen.

Victoria Beckham

Former Spice Girls diva and fashion icon, Victoria Beckham got her breast implants since she became popular. But how many of us actually know that she has gone through several procedures to get the size that she actually is. From a 34A she went to a 34D and then to a 34B. Basically, she tried several times before getting the body she has today. Whatever time she spent into looking good, it was definitely worth it!

Anna Faris

Anna Faris, a well-known TV and movie actress who married Hollywood actor Chris Pratt got breast implants done before she turned 30. Some say that she did it because of her role in House Bunny, a 2008 comedy. When Anna was asked about this, she said that it had nothing to do with the industry. It was something that she wanted to don on her own. Her husband also supported her choice and decision.

Kaley Cuoco

Big Bang Theory actress who was extremely happy and excited after getting her new breast implants felt like it was the best decision she ever made. She was only 19 years old when she went through the procedure and it seems like she doesn’t regret it at all. Like most celebrities, she also said that its not something that you should do for a man. Only do it when you want to feel confident and amazing about yourself.

Kelly Rowland

Popular pop singer who became a hit in the 90s with Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland gor her breast implants done back in the year 2007 and from what we could tell, she was very happy with the decision made. We aren’t anyone to judge but if a breast implant can make someone happy, then why not do it? Kudos to her for pulling that off!

Kim Kardashian

The list would probably be empty without Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian always had big breasts but from what we have heard, she’s reworked on her body and got her breasts bigger. Not just that, stories suggest that she got her butt bigger too. Now Kim is known in social media for her assets and if she wants to improve them, then we aren’t nobody to tell her her business!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sex and the city actress Sarah Jessica Parker too admits of getting a breast implant done. She actually admitted the fact that her breasts were small and that she couldn’t care less about what others had to say about it. She wanted to get them done and that is exactly what she did. That definitely is an awesome way to deal with the situation. Well done, Sarah!

With that, we would like to bring our post to a close. So how many of you actually knew that these celebrities had opted for breast implants at one point? We bet you didn’t have an idea about them. No doubt that these things aren’t the only thing in the world that make you beautiful and attractive. But a little enhancement will never do you harm and that is exactly what these ladies have done.