17 Free Messenger Tags to Chat blast your Contacts

Free Messenger tags make it easy for businesses to communicate with their clients. Consumers themselves agree that they prefer messenger as a means to connect to any business. Hence, making it essential for brands to employ the use of chat apps.

While promoting Spectrum internet packages a few years back, a marketer friend of mine introduced me to this feature. Now I’m an expert! But back then, I was intrigued and did my own research. I found out that whenever a business uses Messenger chatbots to automate the conversations that particular business is keeping in line with Facebook Messenger developer APIs.

Why Use Messenger Tags?

Employing the use of these chatbots can be for the following reasons – in case you are using a platform like MobileMonkey, your messages reflect the APIs set by Facebook Messenger:

  • A reply to a customer query
  • Re-engaging an already started conversation

As opposed to a normal chat reply to a consumer by the chatbot, Message bots allow a business to send a message to a person other than the 24-hour window. These conversations have a limited amount of purposes that require continuous notifications. Using Messenger bots along with the tags gives you greater flexibility. This implies that you can interact with people in a way that you want and provide your consumers with varied experiences.

However, you should keep in mind that message tags are only used for sending non-promotional content. All you have to do is create a message, select the relevant tag for your message, and you are done.

Message Tags that you can Use

Before we discuss the message tags that are available for your use, remember that you should abide by all the rules of using these tags. Otherwise, Messenger will ban you.

Here are the 17 types of automated message tags that you can use:

Business Productivity – This tag intends to notify, report or remind regarding any business-related thing including an upcoming performance report or an invoice.

Community Alert – Using this tag makes it easy for the business owners to notify your Facebook community regarding any event. Events that fall under this category include an emergency alert or a safety reminder.

Confirmed Event Reminder – This particular tag allows you to send a reminder to a person who has signed up for a particular event.

Pairing Update – The options available under this tag are unlimited. The pairing is not just restricted to finding a dating match alone. Available options include selecting a product and even pairing with the right parking spot.

Application Update – Using this particular tag enables you to update a client regarding an application they may have applied. For example, a job application.

Account Update – You can even send your consumers messages regarding the relationship of their account with you. For example, notifying them about their shopping cart.

Payment Update – Messages that this tag uses involve financial information. Some of the examples include product availability, some receipt or any payment transaction information.

Personal Finance Update – This tag also includes messages that involve finance but the nature of the messages is a bit different. These tags usually include messages related to the financial activity that a consumer has with your business.

Shipping Update – This tag includes everything related to the shipping details. These include arrival dates, the time of arrival or the delivery confirmation for a particular product.

Reservation Update – By employing the use of this tag you cover any updates regarding reservations, bookings, hotels, car rentals, and locations.

Issue Resolution – As the name suggests, these tags address any customer service issue that may have arose. The range of these tags covers requests, solutions, and information.

Appointment Update – In case you want to send client information regarding their scheduled appointment, you should use this tag.

Game Event – This particular tag is used for all game updates. These include the likes of mobile gaming apps or a live sporting event.

Transportation Update – This tag keeps the recipient informed about his transportation details. These include flights, ferries or rides.

Feature Functionality Update – You can make use of this tag whenever you want to inform your audience regarding the functionality of your products or any new features that you introduce.

Ticket Update – You can use this tag to send updates to your clients regarding ticketed events. These may include reminders, cancellations or refunds to name a few.

Non-promotional Subscription Update – This is the only tag that asks for the approval of business by Facebook.

While this blogpost may have educated you about all the Messenger tags available, say tuned for the next blog if you wish to learn how to send messages using these tags. Having worked on projects like Spectrum TV, I have used these tags in various capacities. They seemed a difficult option at first, but now I can easily use these free tags.