Add Gamification in your Mobile App Development Process

With mobile marketing competition and user demands growing by leaps and bounds, gamification is becoming another impressive trend to watch out for. But is it really effective? Should one invest in incorporating gamification mechanism in his app development plan?

With surplus of options available in the mobile market, it has become tough to keep users hooked to your app for a long term. The users keep on trying different apps to find the best one, an outcome of which is that 1 out of 4 user never make a second visit to mobile apps.

This has made the situation stressful for the business leaders and mobile app developers in terms of sustaining in the mobile market. It has made it critical for them to focus more on keeping the existing user base sticked to their brand over acquiring new.

In such a scenario, one technology that is acting as a boon for the mobile app industry is Gamification. As depicted by the name, Gamification is the technique to introduce game elements into your mobile application to drive the benefits that game apps have.

Wondering what these benefits are and how to implement them into your mobile app development strategy?

Let’s explore together.

Benefits of Gamification in Mobile App Development Process

Give a Wider User base

The foremost advantage of incorporating gamification into your mobile app development process is that it attracts a wider audience. It gives a unique and exciting feeling to the end users in addition to exemplary services.

Promote Collaboration

It rises the level of collaboration by adding the elements like inviting your friends for a challenge, sharing your scores, etc. This collaboration builds better interaction among the users and create an emotional connectivity, which act as an effective tool to keep the users hooked to your app platform.

Boost Productivity

By introducing different challenges, surprises and rewards, gamification fosters app user engagement. This brings more interest into your app processes, streamline the whole scenario as well as uplift the productivity level.

Increase Revenue

Gamification technique also helps in improving the revenue scale. The technique empowers the users to spend more time on your platform, which provide you with more opportunities to convince and convert them. Thus, drive higher sales.

Enhance Your Brand Presence

With other businesses still going with traditional methods of user engagement and retention, gamification will make your brand stand out from the crowd. It will improve your

Now as we have seen the benefits of gamifying a mobile application, let’s jump into what factors/techniques you must consider while planning your app gamification plan.

Proven Tactics to Adding Gamification in Mobile Apps Successfully

Have a Clear Goal

Though gamification offers ample of benefits to the mobile world, it is necessary to look into having a clear goal. This will prevent you from getting distracted and gaining the right insights and outcomes. At the same time, it will assist the customers to know what they should expect from the application, what steps they should take, and how.

Build a Story

While a single instruction page might let the users know what to do, the story element will play the push part. The mechanism of sharing the concept in the form of a short and engaging story will build curiosity in the end users. It will drew higher attention of the audience and encourage them to follow the guidelines, which will eventually lower down the challenges associated with engaging users.

Make it Competitive

Don’t build a simple and interacting app, make a competitive one. When you add different set of challenges and competitions to your mobile app development process, the users feel the urge to win over them and prove their skills. They also invite their near and dear ones to join into the competition to win over them, which brings better business.

Give Some Rewards and Appreciation

Ego plays a pivotal role in encouraging the user base to participate in such competition. However, this single characteristic is not enough to keep them stick to your platform. You need to introduce different appreciation and rewards to your app process to lure them to take part in another competition.

When it comes to In-app rewarding options, you can go with two different choices. Either provide them with virtual rewards and appreciation like unlocking a level, getting gold, etc. Or allow them to earn some real cash and add to their bank account/or do shopping with.

Add Flexibility to Your App Plan

Last but not least, do not make any stringent rule. Do not force users to fill any form or participate into any competition. When you provide them with the required freedom, they feel more comfortable with your platform and spend higher time on your app, which means better service.


By 2023, global gamification market will reach to $219.39 billion with a CAGR of 44.06% over the time period of 2018-2023, implying it is not a bad deal to invest in gamification technology. So, what’s your plan? Ready to incorporate gamification into your mobile app development plan? Let me know in the comment section below.