Top 5 CDN providers of 2022 to Speed Up your Website

Contents are the inevitable part of any website today. Whether it is an online shopping, reading articles on any websites, watching YouTube videos or following any social media feed; we are in constant interaction with CDN. Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the obvious backbone of the Internet which takes the charge of delivering the contents worldwide. A CDN works to accelerate the worldwide web by catching the files in the server. Irrespective of your location, content is automatically served from the nearest possible web location at a faster speed. In other words, CDN breaches the distance between the host server and the destination computers. CDN places point servers on various parts of the world and later recognizes and connects them with each other. The server caches the website contents and distributes them to the local server network from where it is delivered to the users. The CDN technique reduces the page load time and costs while enhancing user experience. Here are some of the best CDN providers of 2022 to speed up any website.

If you are amateur with the technology, you might find CDN intimidating and expensive. however, CDN is not only meant for large corporations, a user can install a simple service within a few minutes. Whether you want to promote a simple blog, a small home business website; you can try some of the best CDN provider’s services. These CDN providers are interesting to use and you may explore them for free.

1. HostiServer’s Anycast CDN

If you are looking for a breakthrough performer in terms of speed, flexibility, and configuration; then Hostiserver Anycast CDN can be a healthy choice. Anycast is simple to operate, scalable and naturally resilient to spam attacks. Check out official site for more details.

Hostiserver Anycast CDN solution powers your project with speeding up the Content Delivery Network. Users can speed test the network and buy in fruitful results for the business.

Hostiserver Anycast CDN quick starts your CDN platform without a hassle. It is fully compatible with most of the CMS and applications found on the web. Anycast CDN stands on top of all the other CDN because of its optimization ability.

It protects the origin server from the extra workload that might lessen down the speed. Compared to the top-rated CDN, Anycast CDN can handle much bigger traffic flow. Get more details about deals and discount at

Anycast CDN provides protection to the contents from unwanted visitors and time expiring links. It provides a sophisticated solution to your content delivery issues on request as well.

Hostiserver Anycast CDN comes with a free 30 days trial offer which comprises outbound CDN traffic of 1GBPS and 100GB free storage. As you start the chargeable CDN service, you need to pay as you go. The Point of presence is located in areas of high demand, namely, Phoenix, Frankfurt, Herndon, and Amsterdam.

2. Cloudflare

Cloudflare is one of the most popular CDN providers in America that any novice user would want to try. With expert-level features, this CDN is quite simple to setup. Cloudflare offers a free plan to the beginners and allows you to explore its service thoroughly.

The CDN comes with unlimited bandwidth and doesn’t force the user to update from time to time. Cloudflare offers a wide range of services like keeping your server safe from the hackers, limit content spam, reducing image file sizes and improving the speed. The Rest API allows the user to take full control of the services rendered by Cloudflare.

The upgraded premium plan comes for $20 per month which includes image optimization, extra configuration,and improved support.

3. Fastly

Fastly is a highly configurable CDN that has some great tricks to offer to bigger organizations like Reddit, Spotify,and others. Fastly is basically for the firms that believe in delivering fast performance levels on the web. Fastly stands second among the fastest CDN in the UK.

Fastly is highly configurable and manages to offer diverse support to run various types of video caching, and the HTTP headers to control the contents they want to serve.

Nevertheless, Fastly can be quiet tricky to set up and the novices may get confused with its features. but for the larger firms, who have a good amount of experience in managing high-speed CDN, may find Fastly flexible and highly configurable.

The premium model of Fastly comes for $50 per month.

4. KeyCDN

If you are looking for a low-cost CDN with high-speed service, then KeyCDN is your pick. The CDN service comes with free SSL and is simple to setup. All you do is sign up with your email address and the user gets an immediate transfer of 25 GB bandwidth to play with.

The CDN is integrated with guides at every step to help you with the setup and later usage. KeyCDN stands out among the other CDN service because of its comparatively low prices. The premium service charges $49 per year and the bandwidth is offered at $0.04 per GB.

With this low, a price, KeyCDN allows the user to manipulate headers, strip or cache cookies and set up custom robots, real-timereporting, GZip compression for faster data accessibility, origin shield and many more. The CDN allows you to integrate the services with WordPress and their apps for a smaller scale.

Although you may not expect the CDN to offer a leading edge service, still, you can enjoy the service in lieu of the small fees you pay.

5. MaxCDN

MaxCDN has gained its popularity as one of the most strategical Content Delivery Network. The CDN has its servers strategically placed in almost 90 countries. MaxCDN is a well-suited content delivery network for novice users.

Easy enough to setup,the CDN provides 24/7 tech support with promised speedy responses. This SSD loaded server is optimized to provide excellence in image acceleration and page loading speed to improve the overall performance of the websites.

MaxCDN is highly compatible with popular content management systems such as Drupal, WordPress, Magneto and many more.

From the pricing point, MaxCDN rates start at $9 per month with 100GB bandwidth. The CDN offers a high-value service in return for the mere pricing. It does quite well in the US and UK however, the charges are extra for the Asian countries.

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