Symptoms of Kali Yuga and How it affects our Social living?

Similar to the 4 stages of a human being this world has it’s 4 stages Satya Yuga, Tretaya Yuga, Dvapara Yuga & Kali Yuga. The time we are passing now is Kali Yuga. 3 Yuga’s are already gone over the world, this is the last Yuga before revolution. Read here the Symptoms of Kali Yuga & how it effects our Society. Kali indicates Quarrel & indiscipline. Kali is the name of a big giant. Who is legally authorized to control the last session of 4 Yuga’s. Among all ornaments of Kali he loves to wear ear rings. The size of his ear rings are near equal to a cycle wheel rims. Now you can imagine how big giant Kali is.

Kali Yuga started on the mid night of 18 February 3102 BCE. Yet the time Kali is running over the world & world population. In this long duration of time this intelligent giant established him well. Even after completion of his time-line he don’t want to leave the earth. Now Kali is enough & enough powerful. Even it’s near impossible for Suryavanshi’s to undertake the time-line again from Kali. It can be done but the only way is remain “MAHA-PRALAY“.

Symptoms of Kali Yuga

Here I am not talking about the physical ornaments Kali loves to wear rather I am talking about the effects he created to survive more n more time over the earth.

Heavy Population

You can’t disagree to this that “the world is moving under heavy population”. Death rate is very less compare to the rate of Birth. Keep remember heavy population is the major factor to break discipline. On the way of Kali heavy population acts like a catalyst. Kali always prefers gathering rather queue.

Rupajibi (Glamors) & Dehajibi (Prostitutes)

Now a day prostitution is a business. Million of our young generations are hunting prostitutes everyday. A prostitute not only destroy our society but also very harmful for young generations. Even some time prostitution brings incurable diseases. They disturb our economy. Prostitution is a negative energy.

Look at our economy it’s more towards Rupajibi. Rupajibi is nothing but who sales their beauty to earn. When a doctor or engineer not able to earn so big. A dancer is earning more then them. Economy is nothing but a way to build our earth under discipline. When economy flow pass over an indiscipline profession it will definitely show it’s color. Colors & Economy are two different things. Color brings entertainment & economy speaks productivity. Do you don’t think this arises hidden contradiction.


As I told above now Kali is so powerful that even we can’t touch him. Nuclear is one of the example. Countries are wasting million dollars to prepare nuclear & many destructive elements. They are not preparing this to keep in showcase. Any day if required they can fire it to earth. On the way of revolution Kali will not came to fight you directly if he found some thing will go reverse to him he just need to create fight among us. This is enough, you all know well in this millennium what can be the result of any world war.


Drug is a gift from Kali to our young generations. Drug destroy family & society. It generates several painful diseases. Still, Do ever seen a wine shop in the evening? You may glad to hear you can found more customer in a wine show compare to a milkman house.

Detachment from Adhyatmikta

Adhyatmikta is the only way to know reality. In side the black cotton of Kali our generations are going far everyday from Adhyatmikta. Adhyatmikta creates discipline & peace. When Kali hates this. If a woman is under Adhyatmikta it is good for her family & husband. If a man obey Adhyatmikta it is good for his Karmabhumi. Adhyatmikta brings gentle attitude & peaceful thinking.


We all know what is the secrete. But it not acceptable to open it in public place. This is the boundary defined by the society. But today this boundary is getting break. Pornographic flying in the mid of the sky. Pron stars are similar to prostitutes but they are honored like diamond. This mean in high society we honor Prostitutes.

Everyday thousand Pornographic movies getting release. Is these disks are for drawer. Uhu… it’s showing it’s color in the shape of rape or bastard child’s.


Corruption can destroy a country. With effect of Kali nearly everyone thinks to Corruption. Corruption can’t remove using publications. To remove Corruption we each individual need to conscious.

Downfall of Women

Downfall of a man harms little than a woman. Downfall of Women brings indiscipline generation. It pollutes social leaving. Woman is flower to the beauty of earth. This flower need to be in her boundary.


Like the above there are more few ornaments to Kali. To remove Kali we need to remove his ornaments first. Take time think how can we remove his ornaments else we have to move the only way.