Benefits of Environmental Cleaning – Save Environment keep Green

Environmental pollution is one of the major concerns the world is having these days. This problem is rising with every passing year and introducing an irreparable and grave damage to the earth. There are basically five types of environmental pollution: Air, Soil, Water, Noise & Light. To save our earth we all required to know Benefits of Environmental Cleaning. Let us take a step to “Save Environment keep Green”.

Air Pollution

Out of all the above stated environmental pollution’s, air pollution is considered to be the most dreadful pollution. It is caused by injurious smoke emitted by vehicles like trucks, cars, buses, factories and trains. The gases that are contained in the air pollution are usually carbon dioxide, sulphur monoxide and nitrogen oxides. Burning cigarettes and smokes also release allergic smoke, which cause damage to both humans and atmosphere. Evidences of such harmful smokes are found in the forms of numerous breathing problems, lung cancer, allergies and asthma. Also, there are serious and irreparable damages to the flora and fauna. In addition to all this, the very much natural phenomenon of migratory birds is hampered due to the grave problem of air pollution. This results in the prevention of them from reaching seasonal destinations from centuries. Modern day electronic equipments like refrigerators and air-conditioners release Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC). Rest of the things like insect repellents and deodorants lead to severe damage in the environment of the Earth thereby making it polluted. All of these gases have steadily harmed the atmosphere resulting into the depletion of ozone layer causing global warming.

Soil Pollution

Contamination of soil is a resultant of soil pollution. Soil pollution is caused due to the polluted water, acidic rains, fertilizers and various other things due to which there is an outcome of yield of bad crops. Occurrence of soil contamination is due to the release of harmful chemicals by either leakage of underground storage tank or its spilling. Soil contamination might be in the form of MTBE, heavy metals, chlorinated hydrocarbons, pesticides and herbicides. This in turn affects human health too as intake of bad yields result in various disorders and mutations.

Water Pollution

Products from industrial waste are released into the water bodies like rivers, lakes and others resulting into shortened hospitable marine life. Also, human beings pollute water with massive scale of garbage disposable, ashes, flowers and rest of the household waste. In most of the rural areas people using same water for both bathing and cooking purpose is witnessed. This makes the water very much filthy. Additionally, acid rains further pollute water and thermal production as well as dissolved oxygen depletion aggravates the existing water bodies’ worsened condition. Pollution of water can also occur in indirect ways as a result of soil pollution offshoot. This happens through the leaching to groundwater or surface runoff.

Light Pollution

Light Pollution comprises of over-illumination, light trespass and astronomical interference.

Noise Pollution

Just like the above mentioned four types of pollution even the noise pollution is damaging too. They are inclusive of the aircraft, traffic, industry, loudspeakers’ etc noise. Also, the SONAR effects of high intensity are quite harmful for the atmospheric wellness. As per one of the most efficient modern day science discovery, motor vehicles are considered to be the top most commute priority. But, hardly anyone realizes that they contribute roughly 90 per cent to unwanted noise across the globe.

Benefits of Environmental Cleaning

Cocktails made up of harsh chemicals are indeed bad for health and they are constantly being consumed in one or the other form. To avoid ever-growing adverse effects on human health and more importantly, on the environment, it is necessary to understand the benefits of going green and clean and taking corrective measures for its execution.

Healthier Homes – When the environment is maintained green and clean, obviously there would be less chances of toxicants getting absorbed in skin and body of an individual. When the person stays in a family, he/she will be posing less threat of infections to rest of the members, ensuring healthier homes.

Better Air Quality – Greenery comes with more and more plantation. This will help in absorbing excessive carbon dioxide and providing ample of oxygen thereby maintain proper air quality ensuring better human health and less depletion of ozone layer.

Safer Products – With much of the environmental pollution, even the daily need products like oil, cereals, grains, etc are getting heavily contaminated. This leads to deterioration in the decorum of atmosphere as well as human life cycle. Green and clean environment will ensure better yield of crops and manufacturing of other necessities.

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