Flu Symptoms, Vaccines & Treatments – H1N1 Virus

Flu Symptoms, Vaccines & Treatments - H1N1 Virus

During season change many of us get affected with viral fevers. Among several types of viral fevers swine flu is one. Swine flu happens due to H1N1 virus. This virus was detected in the year of 2009. Source of this virus is pig. In early age before 2009 swine flu was not identified by the World Health Organization (WHO). On those days this disease was limited to them who are in contact of pigs. But due to contagious nature of H1N1 virus slowly it started spread across normal living. Know the Flu Symptoms to stay safe from H1N1 Virus.

How can you affect with Swine Flu?

1. As I told above Swine flu virus is contagious. Like other seasonal flu swine flu can spread from one to others. While a Swine flu affected patient do cough or sneeze these viruses come out side to air. If you are near to the patient these virus will move to your body during breathing.

2. Some time in friends or family we use others cotton like Towel or hanky. If you found some one near you is affected with swine flu avoid to use his/her cottons. This is an another way through which this virus can come to your body.

3. The source of this virus is pig. If you are eating bacon, ham or any other pork products there can be a chance you will affect with swine flu.

Flu Symptoms

As we discussed Swine flu is like seasonal flu. After you are affected with Swine flu H1N1 virus you will get the following Symptoms.

  • Cold fever like runny nose.
  • Fever & headache.
  • Sore throat & Cough.
  • Total body aches.
  • Chills & Fatigue.
  • Shortness of breath.

Generally from the above Flu Symptoms you can’t make sure that you are affected with Swine flu. Because these similar symptoms you will get for any seasonal flu. Still if you found in your locality Swine flu is happening go to the doctor immediately & test your blood.

Treatment & Vaccines for Swine Flu

Swine flu causes due to virus not for bacteria. To cure from Swine flu consult your family doctor for some antiviral drugs. Generally antibiotics not helps to cure swine flu virus. Vaccines are the way which alerts our immune system to fight against the real virus. Looking into the risk & contagious nature of swine flu vaccines are discovered. In case you found this seasonal disease around your society I can suggest you and your kids to take this vaccines.