What is the best Email Scraper Tool for LinkedIn?

Well, as we know, LinkedIn is a better place to look for professionals and businesses. How good if you obtain their emails and phone numbers related to your business to sell your product or services?

In this digital age, everyone is trying to get more and more success and LinkedIn is a great platform to promote a business or product. Almost every business is creating their business or personal profile on LinkedIn with complete contact details and directions. The LinkedIn data can be helpful for your business growth, marketing campaigns, or you can sell your products or services to them. But how do you find and collect this data from LinkedIn? Of course, you can’t collect this data manually from more than 750 million LinkedIn profiles. If you want to download LinkedIn data manually, you have to hire a team for this work as there are millions of businesses and job seekers on LinkedIn and this may be costly and time-consuming for you and your business partners. But, you don’t need to worry, You can extract emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn profiles automatically by using LinkedIn Email Scraper Tool.

With the right LinkedIn Email Scraper Tool, you can collect almost complete business/user information from a LinkedIn profile for any location or country and add it to your outreach list.

So what is a LinkedIn Email Extractor, and which one is the best?

What is the best Email Finder for LinkedIn?

Are you looking for the best LinkedIn Email Finder Tool but confused about which is the best one for your business and marketing needs? Then, you are at the right place. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just extract email addresses from businesses that fit your target audience on LinkedIn?

The solution is to use a LinkedIn Company Data Extractor, otherwise known as a LinkedIn Email Scraping Tool. Whatever you want to call it, this type of tool can help you extract emails, phone numbers, social media links, websites links, and other contact details from LinkedIn business profiles automatically without doing any manual task.

LinkedIn Company Extractor lets you click a button to find email addresses and phone numbers of businesses on LinkedIn, so you can contact them as part of your sales outreach campaign. With the right LinkedIn Contact Extractor, you’ll be able to collect more data of prospects from LinkedIn and engage with them via email or phone number.

And you can get complete business information from your LinkedIn business profile with just a few clicks. You have to type your keywords in the search bar of the LinkedIn Scraping software and it will automatically list businesses from LinkedIn that match those keywords.

The best Email Finder, Extractor and Exporter for LinkedIn

LinkedIn Company Scraper is a popular email scraping tool with a desktop application that integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn. LinkedIn business profile scraper lets you find anyone’s email address on LinkedIn with a click without writing a single line of code. It then provides you with an “Extract” and “Export” button to save data in Excel, CSV, or Text files for use. It’s a top-ranked LinkedIn data scraping tool due to its accuracy and reasonable price of $50/month which gets you unlimited business email addresses and phone numbers from LinkedIn in minutes.


1. Ability to export data from LinkedIn search results to Excel, CSV, or Text files.

2. You can search for businesses by name, LinkedIn business profile URL, zip code, and location.

3. No programming at all to use it.

4. Provide 95%-98% accurate results.

5. Support all countries supported by LinkedIn.

6. User friendly and affordable.

7. Video Tutorial for users to understand the working of the LinkedIn Scraper software.

8. The software team continually updates the software according to the updates of LinkedIn.


It doesn’t find contact details of businesses that don’t have a business profile on LinkedIn or have been removed by LinkedIn.