In this Holiday Trip to Andaman explore the Hub of interesting activities

When planning your holiday Trip to Andaman, you can never run out of activities. Between December and January, Andaman is a haven for tourists and thrill seekers. It is a hub of interesting activities and festivals. The clear blue waters are perfect for swimming, lazing around in boats, watching the corals and washing away the grime of the city life that chases us away to the laps of nature.

Here are some of the best activities every Andaman Nicobar tour package should make room for:

1. Dance of lights on the Sea

Watching the specks of electric blue lights dance on the waves is nothing short of witnessing real magic from the beaches of the Havelock Island. If you want to watch the stars descend from the skies just for you and your significant other, Havelock Island on a no moon night is the place for you.

2. Swimming with the Fish

Technically, scuba diving does not require any swimming. You can just don on the gear and play with the cute turtles and rainbow schools of fish in the clear blue waters. Andaman has several places that offer scuba diving for everyone.

3. Fun on a banana Boats

You won’t have to go far for having some family fun on the banana boat. In fact, with a great Trip to Andaman tour package at your disposal, you can have it on a budget! You can book your ride, complete with safety gears from Port Blair. While you are at it, don’t think twice about adding jet skiing, speed boating and kayaking to your adventure trip.

4. Witness the Sea life from Above

To watch what goes on in the blue, you need a glass-bottom boat to carry you across the waves. The clear blue waters around the North Bay Coral Island, Jolly Buoy Island, and Port Blair provide the perfect spots for viewing.

5. Sail above the clouds and glace down at Serenity

Havelock Island is not just for the soul seekers and nature lovers. It is also for the adrenaline fiends looking for a fix. The new parasailing facilities offer safe rides up into the clouds. Imagine being carried away into the blue skies, far above the blue waters and sandy beaches by a parachute.

6. Snorkeling

If you have enjoyed scuba diving, snorkeling should be the next activity on your Trip to Andaman to-do list. This is the best way to explore the different species of marine life in the Bay. Revel in the colors of the corals and dance with the calm waves not afar from Radhanagar Beach, Jolly Buoy Island, Neil Island, Red Skin Island and Elephant Beach.

7. Exploring the mangroves

Mangroves and Andaman? Yes! Mayabunder in Andaman is home to one-fifth of India’s mangrove cover. You can explore the shadowy, quaint and mysterious mangroves in small kayaks to add to the thrill of your trip.

8. Sea Walking

Once you have mastered the art of swimming with the schools of fish, it’s time for you to learn walking on the sand bottom. It is a new activity, well suited for all ages. Who knows? Maybe Poseidon is waiting for you right there!

9. Volcano island Tour

To heat things up a bit you can opt for a boat tour of the Barren Island. Just as the name suggests, no one lives there. Only tourists and the occasional fishermen venture there during the daytime. Do not miss your ferry back!

10. A day with Elephants

Have a penchant for things larger than life? You will love swimming with the elephants, basking in the sun and riding around the beach with these gentle giants on Beach 7 of the Radhanagar Beaches.

Andaman hosts a treasure of sceneries, topographies, natural formations, forests, and mangroves. It is the perfect spot for family vacations and bachelor parties. Even the love-sick honeymooners will find solace in this archipelago.