The Sanskrit Shloka Vidya dadati Vinayam

The Sanskrit Shloka Vidya dadati Vinayam

This Sanskrit Shlok means Education gives humbleness. It is the most powerful weapon which can change the world. A well educated person is unprejudiced & judgmental. He plays a dominant role for the growth of our country. An educated society contributes to an educated nation & an educated nation is a progressive nation.

Child is the father of Man.

This is a famous line written by words worth which specifics that a man is the product of his habits & behavior developed in childhood. The better the values & education he receives in his childhood the better will he be as a human. Children are like clay & we need to mold them. Education doesn’t mean just preparing them for bookish knowledge or educating them for various entrance examination. But should inculcate holistic development in children. In the age of modernity where computers, mobiles, laptops etc. are a must in every house, books have taken a backseat. Reading is a habit that is gradually waning away in today’s generation. Reading apart from unpasting knowledge gives patience in us. Hence reading should be installed in today generation.

Education hence should focus on the wholesome development of children. Present day children are much more smarter & confident educating them & challenging their intelligence in the right direction will give a positive boost to the nation. Hence education in children should start as early as possible as they are the feature of our country & the steps to a nations prosperity. Reducing child labor in India should be the famous duty of Indian gout. India has the highest number of child laborious in the world & 86% don’t receive any education. When children are employed they are exploded & abused which effects their overall development sense. They are depressed of education & recreation. Hence moreover free & quality education must be provided by the gout. As an developed country. Education is a direction is breaking the vicious circle of poverty.

Unfortunately education these days have became a successful business idea. They have emerged as a profit making institution neglecting the overall development of children. Parents investing heavy amount of money in the name of education has left education to be the friend only for the rich. Education these days is becoming inordinately expensive & the poor students are unable to reach even the High School. Parents should not be biased & should give in special effort to curb this & concentrate on child’s true education, gout should put regularity measures against this high fee rise. The effect of controlling the price of education need to be further explored. Especially since free Govt. schools exist which benefit from an increased education budget every year.

Thus I conclude that giving proper education to children fosters confidence, humanity, characters, happiness among them. Thereby strengthening the back bone of our country. The literary rate of developed countries is almost 100%. Hence it is the duty of each & every educated citizen to take an initiate in educating the children who are deprived of basic education. Let us take a pledge to bring a smile a every child by imparting proper education to them & foster a confidential in them necessary to drive the country towards development. Because education is a wealth that can’t be stolen & inheritance that can’t be lost.

Each One, Teach One.