Keys on How to Target a Marketing Campaign

The first question would be WHY would you have a targeted marketing campaign? The best answer to that would be so you reach the type of audience that could use your goods or services. What is the point of marketing to companies that have no need for them whatsoever? That merely wastes everyone’s time and effort. Instead, with a targeted marketing campaign, you are certain to reach people who need your company. That is half of the battle right there. In this article, we reveal 5 keys on how to do this effectively.

Research the Companies before attempting to Schedule Meetings

This is the first step to a targeted marketing campaign. In order to know which ones to pursue, you must do some research. Nowadays all kinds of information on individual companies can be found on the Internet. Therefore, begin with this procedure. If you type YOUR company’s best products or services into a search engine along with something like “find companies who use …,” you should get a list.

After you obtain your list of prospective companies, do some more homework on them. For instance, try to find out the company’s current profitability status. Why? Because if a company is currently performing badly, they are not likely to want to spend money at this time. Instead focus your energies on companies that are doing well. This will make a huge difference.

Choose your Words Carefully

This may sound rather corny at the outset; however, it could not be more true. When planning what you are going to say to this prospective client, be careful of the words you use. Stay away from offensive language at all times. Common sense will dictate what topics you should and should not speak of. In the case of a marketing meeting with someone, this is especially true. You want to be informative about the advantages of using your company, but not condescending or negative.

At the same time you are doing this, you DO want to highlight all of the reasons why your prospect’s company would need you. Do not leave anything out. This is your time to proudly explain why your business will fill the needs of his or her business. The words you choose here are of astronomical importance in your presentation.

Further Target Companies that are Interested

What does this mean? It means, once you come across a company who clearly is NOT interested in yours, move on. At this point, concentrate on the people who have indicated they want to know more about your business. You may not have an answer to this question until after your first meeting. Whatever their response to this meeting is will determine if you move forward or forget about them.

How do you know if they are interested? Many people will just be polite and tell you they want to pursue the business relationship, when in fact they do not. So how can you tell? Make it your mission to read their facial expressions and body language. Those two traits will tell you everything. If you are not up to speed on how to do that, take the time to study it. This part is critically important to further targeting of your prospect.

Utilize Social Media Platforms

If you do not know how to use them, take a course or two. In today’s business world, social media is the best way to target your marketing efforts. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. not only provide a direct way to contact people, but you can join their groups. The groups are a perfect method of targeting specific people whose company might need your company. Typically these groups are named in such a way that you can tell. Another thing you can do is to click on that group to see what its focus is.

While you are exploring social media sites, make sure the ones you choose are business-friendly, not all of them are. Some sites are strictly for socializing of a personal nature and frown upon business sales pitches. Additionally, some groups, like Facebook, separate the personal contact methods from the business contact ones. This is fine too, just make sure you follow their rules. If you do not, you could wind up banned.

Work on your Weaknesses

Okay, so this step may sound like something from a therapy session; but in fact, it is quite valid. Before you go out on marketing meetings with prospective clients, you must be prepared. Being prepared ensures that you are ready to have the meeting. If you are great at explaining your company’s assets, but weak on closing deals, this is something you ought to work on. How can you have prospect meetings when you cannot close a deal? This is a weakness that needs a resolution.

How do you do this? Practice in front of your co-workers or peers. They are in a great position to be objective and perhaps even coach you. There could be some senior members of your firm, or in a social group, that can mentor you. Another way is to take a local or online class or two. Today there are many resources you can utilize to improve on your weaknesses. Make use of them. Although this may sound like a different topic, it is a relevant step towards being able to target your prospective clients.

Targeted marketing takes practice and experience. Remember the most important thing is to market to the right businesses. That is the whole purpose of targeted marketing. Some of the steps mentioned in this piece might initially seem irrelevant. However, they too are part of a total targeted marketing campaign. If you give it some thought, you will see this makes sense. Good luck.