Online Training to Tools 5 Technology Solutions for Small Businesses

Technology is synonymous with growth and even success. You can ask successful brands and corporations who are witness to how technology helps their operations improve. Small businesses must consider technology as their partner in business. It will help them operate more efficiently and reach more customers easily. If you are planning to add technological solutions to your small business, take a look at this post from Technology One solutions from Lanluas Consulting to learn the best technology solutions.

Online Business Training

Even CEOs from large corporations do not settle on their current knowledge and continue to learn business innovations. For a small business owner like you, you must not stop expanding your business knowledge to continue expanding your business niche expertise. Despite your busy schedule, you must spend an hour or two every day researching the newest business trends and innovations you can apply to your business. If you are from a technology company its wise to stay updated with latest technologies.

It would be better to enrol yourself on an online business training or course or your staff to further expand your knowledge on your business. There are tons of online business training courses available for you. But, do not put pressure on yourself; you can train and learn at your own pace. For online training you can use video tutorials.

Open-Source Softwares for Small Businesses

This technology provides your business with many alternatives in using commercial applications for your daily business management. This kind of software is very popular among many business owners. It is because of its affordability while many features are free and very flexible to use to cater to business owners’ needs.

To name a few, this business software includes Open, Thunder bird, Zendesk, Slack,, etc. Most of these open-source software offers spreadsheets, time-tracking, graphics, presentations, database, and word processing which can be accessed by your staff anytime and anywhere.

Teleconference Services

Utilising the virtual element is an essential tool for small business owners, considering the cost they have saved in many ways. Virtual conference calls with your staff and your business partners are a great and convenient way to discuss important business matters regardless of everyone’s location. With this in mind, you need to consider investing in teleconference services for your business for convenience purposes.

It is very convenient to not need a special bridge line or telephone equipment to make it work. There are various teleconference services available online for free such as Google Meet and Zoom, which are the two most popular platforms for this service, according to the Technology One solutions from Lanluas Consulting. For uninterrupted communication, voip service for business is an ideal tool that can help with connections.

Time Tracking Tools

As a small business owner, you completely know the value of time. If you want your workforce to be as productive as possible, you must consider investing time tracking tools that are affordable and very efficient. If you notice, many start-up companies apply this to their workforce to prevent their staff from slacking off and increase their productivity. You can get dozens of advantages and benefits from investing in time tracking tools for your company. Employees time tracking tool gives various business benefits like helps to Increase profitability, Bill and pay accurately, Set clear objectives, To manage projects better and Provide transparency.

Online File Conversion Tools

To streamline your workforce’s tasks or even yourself, you need an online file converter, which helps you convert file format conveniently. It is one of the most useful software online wherein you can easily convert files with the unusual format to your preferred format. It converts the files quickly and easily. You can even convert video, image and audio files to a new format which helps smoothen out your business’ operation. Depending upon your business need you can use various online file conversion tools like PDF to JPEG, Word to PDF, Excel to CSV, HTML to PDF or Excel to PDF.

As you reach the last part of this post, always remember to invest in technology solutions that benefit your business in the best way ever. The four listed above are just part of a long list of technology solutions you can freely discover to enhance your business’ operation further.