Things you Can Learn from watching Dr. Ryan Shelton Zenith Labs on YouTube

The U.S. may be the greatest country in the world, but the one area it underperforms is in self-care. Americans are regularly putting low-quality, cheap food into their bodies.

Did you know that 85 million Americans eat fast food every single day?

This is the key reason why the health of America has reached critical condition. Dr. Ryan Shelton is the pioneering founder of Zenith Labs, a company aimed at making it easy for people to improve their long-term health.

Here’s what you can learn by adding Dr. Ryan Shelton’s YouTube channel to the top of your daily feed.

How to improve your Health with ease?

Dr. Ryan Shelton Zenith Labs believes that everyone has different health goals. His channel aims to not only educate, but to inspire. He adopts a positive approach to health.

Approximately 68% of Americans said they need someone to hold them accountable and increasingly fewer Americans have healthy food readily available. Dr. Ryan Shelton aims to make it easy to be healthy, and even fun.

Through his Youtube videos, he can help you to learn how to be healthy without breaking the bank.

Learn about Superfoods

Dr. Ryan Shelton believes that health doesn’t have to mean complex supplementation. Everything the average American needs to be healthy is at the grocery store.

Many of his videos focus on different superfoods that can supercharge your health. Whether it’s celery juice, broccoli, or cinnamon, he delves deep into the science behind these superfoods to help you understand how to consistently make the right choices.

Breaking Down Common Health Myths

There are so many health myths that people unwittingly fall for. These are dangerous because they point people in the wrong direction. Followers of health myths are more likely to consume food and drinks that worsen their health. It’s vital that people inform themselves of the latest health myths, so they don’t fall victim to “bro-science” and health gurus.

Zenith Labs takes the approach of the natural world offering everything you need to be healthy, but it’s also backed by solid science.

If you don’t know what to believe anymore, Dr. Ryan Shelton is the perfect figure to break down the common health myths you may already believe.

He approaches each myth with a meticulous, easy-to-understand nature. By ridding yourself of these myths, you can make the right lifestyle choices.

Boost your Lifestyle

The picture of your overall health isn’t exclusively about what you eat, but it’s also about your lifestyle. Dr. Ryan Shelton of Zenith Labs believes in lifestyle alteration to help you improve your long-term performance in every aspect of life.

For example, he shows you how to rid yourself of stress, how to purify the air in your home, and how to improve your overall happiness.

In short, Dr. Ryan Shelton’s scientific approach to health is entertaining and insightful. It’s the fastest way to learn about what you need to do to boost your future health prospects.