7 Amazing Facts related to Gun Ownership in the United States

People fail to understand that unlike other societies, possessing firearms is enshrined in American society for centuries. The 1791 Second Amendment gave Americans the right to bear arms for personal defense, protection, and as a way of ensuring their rights and freedoms. However, one cannot lose sight of the fact that in 2017, the Centre for Disease Control or CDC stated that more than 40,000 lost their lives because of gun violence! As the debate between Democrats and Republicans continues to play out with regard to gun control and ownership, we list down seven important facts you need to know related to gun ownership and trends in the United States.

List of 7 Amazing Facts related to Gun Ownership in the United States

1. Nearly 30% of all American adults own a Firearm

A pathbreaking conducted by Pew Research in 2017 found that nearly thirty percent of American adults or three in ten Americans own a firearm. Other stats pointed to the fact that nearly 50% of all Americans know someone that owns a firearm. Of the three-in-ten Americans that own guns, two-thirds of them stated that they owned more than one firearm.

2. The Gun Industry in the United States is worth $20 Billion

Manufacturing arms and ammunition is a highly lucrative business and industry in the United States. According to data and statistics, the total worth of the gun industry in the United States is roughly $20 Billion USD. The sale of gun accessories is also increasing. Americans are reading the We the People Holsters review and opting for the best-concealed holsters.

3. 70% of all Gun Owners state Personal Protection as the Number One Reason

More than two-thirds of all American gun owners do so in order to ensure their personal protection and the safety and security of their family members. They point to the fact that calling in law enforcement might take anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours. In such an instance, there is a need to be the first line of defense in case of violence by others.

4. Democrats and Republicans Agree on More Background Checks

While Democrats and Republicans tend to disagree on most aspects of gun control and ownership, there is one area where they are in agreement. Statistics show that both favour increased background checks to prevent mentally unfit people from owning firearms. In addition, both call for stricter checks at shops and exhibitions selling firearms in the country.

5. More than 60% of Americans Want Stricter Gun Control Laws

Over the past year, this percentage is steadily rising in American society. In 2017, the figure stood at 57%, while in 2019, it reached 60%. Even though the increase is a mere three percent, there are other data that sound promising. For example, studies found that individuals that have completed four-year college degrees are more likely to call for stricter gun control laws.

6. Americans do not feel that Restricting Gun Ownership will lead to a reduction in Shooting

When it comes to directly link reduced gun ownership having a positive effect on lesser mass shooting incidents, Americans are not in consensus. Rather, most Americans believe that having guns has led to the creation of a safer and crime-free American society. They point out that more regulations and lesser ownership are likely to increase crime rates in society.

7. Gun Ownership and Shopping Increases during the Holiday Season

Google search results accessed by Pew Research showed searches for gun models spiking during the Holiday Season. Experts from Delaware gun shops suggest that gifting guns to oneself has become a thing in American families in recent years. The study also showed that FBI background checks also increased during the holiday season in light of more gun sales.


Whether or not gun ownership should be restricted is a debatable issue. Equating it with personal freedom and protection is an important consideration that cannot be negated. If you have any more interesting facts that you feel can be added to the list, please mention them in the comments section below.