2 Opining of Linking Facebook to your WordPress Blog

With nearly 60 million WordPress druggies, numerous that also have their own Facebook runners, a lot of people want to know how to link Facebook to WordPress. The first question is what exactly does this mean- linking Facebook to WordPress? Well, there are actually a many ways we must take to completely integrate Facebook into our WordPress Blogs.

Fortunately, this can be fluently achieved using a couple of free WordPress Plugins and Contraptions. This tutorial will explain exactly what linking Facebook to WordPress entails and overview the Plugins and contraptions needed to achieve this. I’ll also walk through exactly how to configure the Plugins and contraptions to give your WordPress Blog and Facebook runner a huge social boost!

1. Have the option to fluently post summaries of our Blogs to Facebook

2. Have a 2 way opining system between FB and WP

3. Have a place flashing your FB runner on your WordPress Blog for people to Like

4. Have the option for callers to “Like” your individual Blog posts

Advertisement Blogs to Facebook and 2-way Opining

Let me unfold this. Part 1 simply means when you write up a new post, you want a simple “click of a button” process to publish a summary of your post to Facebook, along with a link back from Facebook so people can read your entire post.

Part 2 means that when someone comments on Facebook, that comment gets published on your Blog point and vice-versa. This makes your Blog and Facebook runner appear to be more popular because every time someone commentary, that comment is going to both places.

The one crucial word then would be “simple”. We do not want to manually copy and bury our Blogs and produce a backlink, or dupe and paste commentary then, there, and every place. Fortunately, there’s one stupendous plugin that takes care of this.

Using Wordbooker to Link Facebook to WordPress

Wordbook is an absolutely stupendous plugin with unlimited inflexibility. It has so important inflexibility in fact, that the options occasionally get a little confusing. There are basically 2 main options

1. Automatic or homemade advertisement of Blogs to Facebook

2. 2- way opining, 1- way opining or no- way opining.

I would recommend homemade advertisement, as you do not want to accidentally publish posts to Facebook or publish an untreated post, and 2- way opining, as this increases the conceived fashionability to both FB and WP which is noway a bad thing! Let’s dig in.

Installing and Authorizing Wordbooker with Facebook

First go ahead and install the plugin. From you WordPress dashboard, go to plugins, install new plugin and hunt for the Wordbooker plugin (spark after you have installed it). The coming thing we need to do is authorize Wordbooker to communicate with your Facebook runner. Wordbooker can be plant under settings. Click Wordbooker from the settings menu to bring up the main configuration screen.

After you click “Authorize Wordbooker” you’ll be taken to your Facebook login runner. Login to Facebook and you’ll be saluted with a screen that allows you to authorize Wordbooker to post to your Facebook runner. Click on “Go to App” and also click “Allow” from the coming runner. There is just one further step. After you click allow, you’ll be taken back to your WordPress Blog. To complete the link from Wordbooker to Facebook, click the”Reload Runner” button and you should be taken to the general Wordbooker settings runner.

Configuring Wordbooker to Post Blogs to Facebook and Sync Commentary.

The stylish thing about Wordbooker is how easy it’s to use! The settings that it comes with are good enough to get your first Blog posted to Facebook without changing anything.

As mentioned, I prefer to post manually to Facebook. I frequently edit my posts after I publish them, and occasionally I publish posts in progress and do not want them to be posted to Facebook before they’re done. Advertisement to Facebook is achieved directly through the runner where you collect your posts in WordPress. Scroll down to the bottom of your post to see the Wordbooker options. There are several check-boxes to check then

1. First check” Publish this Post to Facebook”.

2. Check the box pertaining to which wall you want to publish to.

3. Check all 3 of the last boxes to enable 2-way opining (voluntary).

The only thing left to do is to modernize your runner and Wordbooker posts it to Facebook.

Tip You can fit a featured image and Wordbooker will pull that image into Facebook too! I try to keep the images to a maximum size of 125 × 125 pixels.

Linking Facebook to WordPress via a Sidebar Widgets

Next, we’re going to link Facebook to WordPress via a enough cool sidebar contrivance. It gives your Blog callers the option to Like you on Facebook and join your network of musketeers. Suppose about what we’ve fulfilled over. Every time we make a new post to our Blog, and publish it on Facebook-each of your musketeers will get an update on their runner- so the more musketeers or suckers you have on Facebook, the lesser an followership you can partake your Blog with.

We need to give your Blog callers an easy and egregious way to join your Facebook network to allow optimal growth of your addict- base. This Contrivance accomplishes exactly that. The Widget is called “Facebook Social Plugin”, search for it through your WordPress dashboard and install it the same way as we did the Wordbooker plugin. Spark and take a look at your available Contraptions (through Appearance, Contraptions).

You will see a couple of fresh options, the bone you want to drag into your sidebar is called “Facebook Like Box”. After you drag it into your sidebar, you’ll need to configure it to pull from your Facebook runner the settings are minimum and fairly egregious – just do not forget to enter your Facebook URL and click save.