Resistor Color Code chart to Calculate the value of a Register

In the world of electronics Resistor plays a great roll. To know the value of a register there are Resistor Color Code chart. This color code is divided into 4 segments of a Resistor. From below image red color is brand A, violent is brand B, green is brand C & golden yellow is brand D. Brand C is also know as multiplier. Brand D is technically called Tolerance.

For example, a Resistor with bands of brown, orange, red, and gold will have first digit 1, second digit 3, followed by 2 zeros: 1,300 ohms. Gold signifies that the tolerance is ±5%.

Color Value Multiplier Tolerance
Black 0 x100
Brown 1 x101 ±1%
Red 2 x102 ±2%
Orange 3 x103
Yellow 4 x104 (±5%)
Green 5 x105 ±0.5%
Blue 6 x106 ±0.25%
Violet 7 x107 ±0.1%
Gray 8 x108 ±0.05% (±10%)
White 9 x109
Gold x10-1 ±5%
Silver x10-2 ±10%

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