Finding Top Painters for Painting the Exterior of your Home

Humans love building things. We love the process and we love the outcomes. Ever since fire was invented, we burnt stones and metals together to create fantastic wonders such as the Pyramids. Everything we do and achieve as a civilization is important. But, nothing stands out as much as architecture. It’s a simple visual cue that awes us and leaves us speechless. We have advanced in many other areas of science, but nothing comes close to the immediate beauty of an architectural wonder.

Kings had their castles, and they stood on top of hills. They were safe, and they were beautiful. People built their own houses, and they viewed as castles of their own. A man’s life was always connected to his home. There are improvements to be done every year, and it’s quite an investment. Today, things haven’t changed as much. We all love our houses, and we want them to be as beautiful as they can be. That’s why, when we want a fresh new look for it, we call a contracting service, and professional painters do the job perfectly as we stare into a new, more beautiful home. Click here to learn more.

Only a few things can stand out in a neighborhood as strikingly as a freshly painted house. This immediately draws all eyes towards you, your home and your backyard. It is an extension to your personality. And, it’s a way for everyone to look and delight themselves in a marvelously beautiful piece of architecture. Here are some tips that might help you in choosing the best paint and painters for your house, as well as a few suggestions.

Paint your house in the same color, or go Darker

Nowadays, everything is expensive. Just think how many square feet of space your home has on the outside. That’s a whole lot of paint that needs to be put on it. When looking for the best economical tips, the best one is to paint your house in the same color or to make it a little bit darker. You might be asking yourself why that is. Well, it’s simple. If you paint it darker or the same color, you’ll only need one layer of paint. There won’t be any need for a second coating. The whole process will be one and done on the first try.

However, if you plan to make it in a lighter color, you’ll need to get some more buckets of paint. If you don’t, traces of the old color might show through some areas, and that’s not pleasant to look at. Also, if you don’t know the primary color of your house, or it’s unrecognizable, just peel a little bit of some paint off the house. Then, take it to a paint store. Professional painters are experts when it comes to analyzing the color of homes, and they’ll tell you precisely what you can do. Here is some more info

Need to Clean

This might sound surprising, but you actually need to clean the house before you paint it. The reason why is because the paint won’t stick as good if the exterior is dirty. The best solution is to grab an old rag or t-shirt, water it down and add a drop of cleaning fluid. Then, take it and start cleaning. But, if you’re like everyone else, the mere thought of that intensive process makes you discard repainting altogether.

Fortunately, there are other ways to clean the walls. You could grab a hose and water it down. Even this is better than doing nothing at all. Another option is to put out your pressure washer and spray away the dirt from your walls. The last and final option is to call professional painters which include the entire package – cleaning and painting. This way, you’ll be sure that the work is well done, and no spot is left dirty or unpainted. Also, be sure to get rid of all of the visible dirt like spiderwebs and leaves.

Call the Pros

There are many reasons why you should hire pro painters to do this job. But now, we’ll focus on only three, and they are safety, quality, and speed. All of these factors play a significant role in your final decision. You can choose to do it yourself, or call up pros like Painters Longmont and they’ll do the work for you.

Firstly, we’ll talk about safety. Painters are almost always standing on tall ladders. They also climb on roofs, lean out of windows and do all types of crazy moves to get the job right. Just imagine yourself bending down from your window trying to cover up a spot with a paintbrush in one hand. It’s not a pleasant situation to be in. Why would anyone want to expose themselves into this type of risk when they can hire a pro to do it?

The quality is also important. Everyone can get a brush and start applying color to walls. It looks easy and seems like it is, but it’s not. Not everyone can get the paint to look even in the hardest to reach places. Pros know how gently to stroke, when to hurry up and when to slow down. This all comes with experience. They’re up on ladders every day and they know how to paint critical areas. This is super important when it comes to places susceptible to mold, edges and corners.

Finally, we’ll talk about speed. When you hire a company to do an exterior paint job, at least four people show up and work. And by work, we mean really working without resting for more than five minutes. Now, doing it all by yourself will save you a bit of money, but is it really worth it? You’d be working your hands and feet off for more than a month, and a company can do it in a week. Plus, your mind will be relaxed, you won’t be doing any hard work, and you’ll know that the job will be done perfectly. This will allow you to focus on other tasks, maybe even doing some work inside. It all depends on how you want to do things in life.