Fonts to Color bay Areas of Web Design Trends for Web Designers

In the past decade, technology and Web Design Trends have changed immensely and the same will be true about 2022! Unlike ever before, the creativity behind design is changing, developing and shifting and it will continue to do so this year. However, since the year just began, it’s hard to know exactly where things are headed and therefore, a quick explanation and description of 5 predictions for Web Design Trends in this year might help you out. Check them below.


Conventionally, in any other year, a basic rule of thumb has been that serifs are for print and sans serifs are specifically for the screen. However, 2022 is shaping up to be potentially different! This year, it seems things like bold serifs for headers and callouts will be more highly sought after by brands and best web design companies. The reasoning behind this, you might ask? Well, serifs are known for decoration and are, therefore, eye-catching and perfect for making statements.


Using color to make a statement in design has always been a highly effective way of grabbing people’s attention. The same will ring true in this year, however, this year, a lack of color just might be the statement in the case of black and white designs being the trend for this year. White is clean and fresh, whereas black is tough and firm and it seems, this may be the direction many design firms are headed in 2022.


Previous year was the year of shapes that used concrete stability and clear-cut lines (rectangles, squares, etc) and 2022 is the year of natural, organic shapes. It seems the trend if moving from straight, grid-like structures to smoothers, calmer lines to relay the ideas of comfort and softness in things like websites. Essentially, the main idea is that organic shapes, like trees and rolling hills, send the idea that something like a website is more human and understanding.


As technology changes faster than ever before, design becomes more “futuristic” looking and there is a good possibility this will be a trend in 2022 in the form on glitch art. Although once popular in times of dial-up, this trend is making a comeback with its striking images that just so happen to be accidental! Although we know technology will continue to change and impact our world, none of us know exactly how and things like glitch art beings used in design relay that message. It’s a little bit disorienting, it’s a little bit psychedelic and so is the world we live in of ever-changing technology!


One last prediction for where design may be headed in 2022 is through something called micro-interactions. Just as 2022 is also the year of more “human” shapes it is also the year where micro-interactions will be used to create an event that is specifically inviting because it seems so down-to-Earth and human. For example, when you refresh your Facebook and your notification bell is red, this is an example of a micro-interaction and its seen as “human” because it strikes your senses and allows you to interact with it – therefore, seeming more human and appealing.

Just as with any other year, 2022 will bring new ideas, new changes and new advancements in technology. Thankfully, based on these 5 explanations, you’ll have a better indication about where design is headed in 2022!