Razer Cynosa Chroma Pro Gaming Keyboard Review

Players in the PC sector are already familiar with Razer products. These are usually quite expensive and therefore only interesting for hardcore players. With the cheap Razer Cynosa Chroma (Pro) Keyboard, the Californian hardware manufacturer now wants to appeal to casual gamers and newcomers. We took a closer look at the RGB keyboard.

Razer now has a big impact in the PC gaming world and is essentially responsible for how a gaming keyboard looks like today. Many manufacturers of high-end boards today focus on extra features such as programmable buttons or mechanical switches. These things are looked for in the Cynosa Chroma in vain. It should be a low-cost entry-level keyboard and still provide a certain “wow effect”, and it does.

The Cynosa Chroma is currently among the cheapest gaming keyboards on the market and sees itself as a competitor to the entry-level version of Logitech G410. Although this is about 20 francs more expensive, but offers mechanical Romer-G switch. The Cynosa uses only conventional rubberdome buttons. For this is again a number block with it, which is missing in the G410. In contrast to the in-house and competitively priced Razer Ornata, there are no key diaphragms that provide some tactile feedback. The pressure point of the soft-sprung keys of the Cynosa Chroma can be compared with conventional office keyboards, which have high keys. On the credit side are a 10-key rollover and of course common anti-ghosting technique.

As the name suffix “Chroma” already reveals, the Cynosa can represent 16.8 million colors. You can make the color adjustment per button. Combined with Razer’s amazing Synapse 3 (beta) software, you can create amazing LED effects that can really impress your buddies (and competitor Logitech). The “Pro” model of the Cynosa offers even underbody lighting with 22 customizable zones – this Pro version, however, costs about 20 francs more – pay attention to this little detail when buying! The insanely good lighting is in my eyes the strongest selling point of the Cynosa Chroma and has personally astonished me personally.

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The keyboard is compactly designed, has no additional media controls and thus takes up less desk space, like other Razer keyboards. The matte black finish of the case looks classy. Unfortunately, macros can not be programmed, but you can assign each key individually with desired functions. The “Game Mode”, however, can only be turned on and off with the supplied software. Robust, well-made and splash-proof, it’s an exclusive advantage of Rubberdome keyboards.


Razer goes with the Cynosa Chroma the golden balance between functionality, features and price. Aesthetics and RGB lighting are fun. If you really want to complain about something, it would be the fact that it was not enough for mechanical keys that today many players value so much.

A smear on the performance is thus given. So it’s clear that the Cynosa Chroma is not aimed at the gaming enthusiast, who already owns a whole closet full of peripherals anyway. A casual player will hardly mind or notice this shortage, because the pressure point and response time of the keys is still good enough for competitive gaming. The madness is the LED lighting!

This, in conjunction with the fantastic Synapse 3 software, simply delivers extremely impressive lighting effects, that steal the show from the competition. Since the workmanship and durability fits, the Cynosa Chroma is an ideal entry-level keyboard at absolutely fair price.