Top 8 Gadgets One should must have in 21st Century

Top 8 Gadgets One Must Have

Welcome To the 21st Century! Gadgets are nothing but small tools and appliances which help make everyday life easier. They can be anything from small wrist watch appliances, to larger devices such a flat screen 50” TV!

Some major lifestyle changes that have been caused due to the onset of technology is convenience, efficiency, productivity and competency. Today, we use various gadgets to assist our living. Everything,all the way from cooking, to cleaning, to even listening to music is done with the help of gadgets in some way some way or another.

With the inception of technology, the horizons of the world are shrinking!Some new advancements in technology that have been developing are AI- artificial intelligence, Speech/voice recognition, and even Smart Homes!

Mighty Eight!

There are a number of top gadgets that are an absolute must have for everyone. This is not just because they are efficient but also because they’re stylish and will make life better for customers. So, without much further ado, let’s get to it!

1. Hoverboard

The first gadget on the list – the Hoverboard is an amazing piece of technology! A better description for the hoverboard would be the self-balancing scooter. This is because that is exactly what it does. It is a battery powered skate board with wheels whichallows users to stand on it and then moves lucidly based on theirgentle hip movements. It is a device which makes walking obsolete!

Public Response – These are some of the most popular gifts among the teens, and sales for this gizmo have sky rocketed since it came into the market in 2014. In fact, it is reported that there is one hoverboard sold every 12 seconds in the United States!

Things to look out for – Some things to look out for while buying this gadget is the quality of it, the balance it has, the speed and its breaking mechanism. Some of the best features of the hoverboard are its incredibly long battery life and how easy and convenient it makes travelling short distances. And don’t get us started on how chic you’ll look while doing so!
Brands like Swagtron T1 and Segway are the most trusted ones in terms of quality and services.

Price Range – A regular hoverboard can cost you around ₹10,000 to ₹25,000 and above depending upon the brand and product specifications.

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2. 3D Gaming Consoles

3D gaming consoles are still a relatively new gizmo to society. It is still in its nascent stage but is rapidly growing. If you want the ultimate gaming experience- the thrill, the drama, the excitement and the atmosphere then a 3D gaming console is the way to go!

Key Features – The 3D display is very immersive in nature, which have the ability to give the gamer a sense of depth and the perception of them being in the environment of the game.

Public Response – There has always been a constant rise in the fan craze for 3D gaming consoles, with major market players like Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation launching exclusive 3D console segments.

Celebrities alike have been left overwhelmed by these latest gaming gadgets.

Have a look at how Six-TimesWorld Snooker Champion, Ronnie O’Sullivan was amazed by this Virtual Reality Pool.

Target Audience – These products cater to the needs of a gaming lover and are specifically designed for teenagers and young people.

Gaming Zone – You can get the best gaming experience and enjoy the best games like FIFA 17, PES 16, Assassin’s Creed, GTA VI, Uncharted 3 3D, Call of Duty and many more. The list is endless for a true gamer.

Things to look out for – One thing to look out for in this product is the ease at which it seamlessly bleeds the stereoscopic gameplays with its integrated display and creates an atmosphere of excitement.

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3. Smart Shirts

Smart Shirts are the future. Future of technology as well as future of fashion! All things on the shirt are technologically integrated, which means you can use different parts of the shirt for different purposes. It’s part of the e-textiles technology revolution.

Key Features – You can use the cuffs to play music, send a business card, stay connected to social media and many more things. you no longer need to carry a wallet as well, since these shirts make payments cashless with the swipe of a finger.

Key Player – Arrow is the pioneering company that has started this line of new Smart Shirts. These shirts have a variety of special benefits.

Price Range – These shirts can cost between ₹1200 to ₹3500 depending upon the quality and functionality.In case you are tempted to add them to your wardrobe, you can head straight to Amazon and choose the one that interests you. To grab additional cashback you can try these amazon bank offers or can wait for Amazon Great Indian Sale where you can get upto 20% cashback.

4. Smart Speakers

Want to transform your house into a well-connected, technologically advanced smart home? Then this gadget is what you need!

Features – A smart speaker is a wireless gadget that can carry out a plethora of actions and tasks just through voice recognition.These tasks include things such as making lists, setting reminders, alarms, and even monitors the activity of the room such as temperature control. You can even use it turn on your televisions and set channels! It embodies the role of a personal assistant.

Key Players – Amazon and Google are currently the only ones who have such gadgets on the market with their premium products- Amazon Alexa and Google Echo.

Top Products – The product Amazon Alexa is incredible and has a lot of uses. A special feature of this is its ability to conduct two-way conversations! The artificial intelligence installed on the device is sweetly named Alexa and she can even perform internet searches for you. It connects your house to one central unit and acts as the mediator. This is one must have gadget!

Price Range – One may have to chunk out around $180 to enjoy the benefits of Amazon Echo in the current scenario.

5. Smart Watch

Smart watches have started becoming a common place among the people. A smart watch is a computerised gadget which has the looks of a stylish sleek wrist watch, and the functionality and efficiency of a mobile phone.

Key Features – A smart watch can carry out myriads of functions- it can sync with your cell phone and help you answer calls, reply to text messages, play music, use a camera to click photos quickly, set alarms, have a phonebook where the user can store all the contact details of the people in his contact lists and can even run functions like the pedometer, thermometer, accelerometer, barometer and even GPS and compasses.

Major Brands – Some very famous brands which sell these smart watches are Samsung, Apple, TAG Heuer and LG. A very distinctive feature of these watches is their ability to respond to voice commands.

Price Range – One may have to shell around ₹800 to ₹2000 and above to enjoy the smart features of these watches.

Upcoming Model to Wait For – The next model Garmin Fenix 5 Series is set to come out by the end of this year!

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6. Fitness bands

If you’re a fitness freak then this band will be your best friend! A fitness band, also known as a fitness tracker or activity tracker, is a must have gadget used for monitoring and tracing fitness aspects.

For example, users can use this to track the number of steps they’ve taken, the distance they’ve run, the number of calories they’ve burnt as well as consumed. These devices can even monitor a user’s heartbeat rate, and quality of sleep!

Target Audience – It is hand crafted for a health-conscious person’s needs!

Key Features – A big advantage of this gadget is that it can synced with your laptop or mobile phone and the data collected can be transfers and stored on these devices so that you always have them with you.

Major Players – Some very trusty and reliable fitness band companies are the upcoming Xiaomi, Intex, Samsung and Fitbit.

Price Range – These bands are available in different segments, ranging from ₹2000 to ₹12,000 and even above.

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7. VR consoles

Virtual Reality is here!It’s here and it’s here to stay…And we couldn’t be any more excited! This is a head-mounted device which is aimed at taking gaming and video experience to the next level.

Key Features – Using this device, gamers can plunge right into the middle of the action and experience the game. They can live the game. This headset, once put on, will morph your surrounding into the environment of whatever game your playing- this can be anything from a deserted forest, the midst of a battle field, on the top of a very high tower, or in the deep depths of the ocean.

Price Range – The price range for this device can vary anywhere between Rs 25000 and Rs 30000.

Things to Look Out For – The best about this device is that it has 360 degrees’ vision and full HD quality graphics. Do check these related features like frame rat, graphic card, for smooth seamless lucid viewing!

8. Touch Screen projector

This is an amazing advancement of technology and you won’t believe the sheer awesomeness of this gadget!

Functions – This device converts any surface into a touchscreen that’s right. Any surface can be integrated into a surface which can give feedback. That means tables, floors, walls and even your hand can be made into an interactive touch sensitive screen capable of carrying out functions. You can set alarms on the go, type out messages and even play games.

This is just the beginning. You can do lot more fantastic things with this gadget. One excitingspecialty of this is gadget is its ability to turn any surface into a video screen- that is, you can video chat anyone from anywhere using this!

Target Audience – Initially, this product is targeted to the needs of office professionals, but you can also integrate the benefits of this projector in to your daily routine.

Major Product – One very famous product is the Sony Xperia Touch – an android based projector that can change any flat surface into a touchscreen. This is a mammoth gadget for Rs 1 lac. Get this gadget and change how you view the world!

How Does It Impacts Our Lives?

The gadgets listed above are some of the most interesting, efficient, helpful and trendy pieces of technology in the market right now! With the help of these, your life will not only become better, but also make it more convenient and resourceful.

These gadgets are a must have for anyone trying to make their life better! Other interesting pieces of technology that are currently under development are the IFTTT recipes (If This Then That). This is a piece of technology that allows people to crafta series of simple conditional statements which are known as applets. This essentially means that upon completion of a pre-programmed task, another one will automatically start – for instance, if the sensor detects the outside temperature dropping below the set 25 degrees, then the A/C will automatically start.

Such is the future of technology, to the point that everything will soon become automated and without need of human intervention.