PlayStation 4! The king of all the Consoles

It is a time to cherish the PlayStation moment once again. Recently released Strategy Analytics Report has revealed that by 2019, the PS4 will reach the sales figure of whooping 80 million Units. Whereas, its rivalry Xbox One is restricted to just 57 million, with a saturation point. This record was set by Sony in the past with PlayStation 2 with the total sales of 150 million units in it is total life span. And PS4 is certainly on the footsteps of its predecessor. These enormous sales figures have put a finger on the lips of Marketing Gurus, who predicted that the end if Console gaming is very near by analyzing the boom of casual gaming with Smartphones and tablets.

Being a PlayStation fan, I genuinely believe in the fact, that Mobile gaming developers remarkably enriched the standards of gaming by making some classy games, with detailed graphics and 3d game plays. However, I can never deny that, when it comes to hard-core gaming, Console power can never be ignored. While Mobile gaming developers are catching on the race to shape the game play standards in a console style. On the other hand, console makers are unleashing the potential of future technologies such as Virtual Reality, Holographic gaming. Therefore, I don’t see any competition between the two platforms as Console gaming is million of miles ahead. This huge craze of PS4 indicates that, when it comes to console gaming, Sony Fan boys are always on the edge.

Sony’s Struggle during PlayStation 3 Phases

Sony is not just shining out of the sheer luck. Do you remember the initial struggles of the PS3? It was a total fail in contrast with the reigned PS2. Complex cell processor and GPU were hard for the developers to understand. Moreover, hefty prices during the launch were much criticized across the globe, which gave an inciting rise to the XBOX 360. Xbox 360 was the most affordable and developer friendly console in the last generation consoles. Moreover, strategies such as XBOX live, which incited the era of Multiplatform gaming was matchless.


It was seemed that Sony got way too confident and egoistic with the triumphed success of PlayStation 2. As a result, Sony ignored the needs of the Gamers and greedily, just determined to make more profits. Eventually, the giant company encountered with a massive failure with the doomed sales charts of PlayStation 3. Out of distress and anger, Gamers started switching from their much favorite PlayStation platform to Microsoft. This gave a rise to the lately established Xbox 360. It was the very crucial time for Sony to re-analyze the strategies in order to either save the console or break it. After all, Sony couldn’t let go the stardom of PlayStation one and two, just like that.

How Sony Reformed the Wrongs to the Rights

Sony learned that it couldn’t achieve the success by ignoring the needs of the fans. Acting very bravely, the company dropped the price of the PS3 to an extent of even compromising on the manufacturing costs. It started selling the last generation units by suffering huge losses. Now, this was the courageous move which any company could think of and apparently, it showed the PlayStation fans, that the company is ready to accept the mistakes. This critical move by Sony was much appreciated and gamers started embracing the PlayStation 3 units with affection. As a result, Sales Figures started growing again. On the other hand, Sony started working with the developers to illustrate them the processing power of the PS3. After facing two years of continuous loss, Sony’s official developing studio Naughty Dog released an exclusive game for the Platform. Yes, You are right!! Uncharted! The Game showed the enormous Potential of PlayStation 3 and created history by selling the million copied in the smallest period of time. Since then, there was no looking back and Sony arose back to the bang.

Realm of the PlayStation 4

What makes the PlayStation 4, the king of the consoles? What has brought the constantly booming sales figure right from its launch? It is the affection that Sony has shown to its Fans. The Company did show that it has learned from the wrongs it did during the last generation. PlayStation 4 was developed consulting the needs of the developers and as a result, it is the most developer friendly platform in the current generation. Sony also showed that it, indeed, is concerned for his fans. It launched the magnificent console at a very reasonable price compared to XBOX one.


Oppositely, XBOX did exactly what Sony did during the last generation. Xbox one was released at higher prices. Moreover, Microsoft developed the console emphasizing more on Multimedia and lesser on the console gaming. The other treat Sony gave to the fans during the launch was able to share games and play used games. Even the media applauded during the event, with this announcement. XBOX adopted PlayStation BLUERAY discs, however, with the weaker specs, the console cannot run the game at 1080P. And we are talking about the next generation here. All these things got against XBOX One and that what is the inception of PlayStation 4 Kingdom. Today, Sony has many more exclusives than any other platform. Just released The Order 1886 has started showing the potential of PS4 with larger than life graphics. There are some great upcoming hugely anticipated games, which are on the list. And one of them is going to be released this year only. The Name is Uncharted 4. Do I have to say anything further?