Top 5 most popular Gamepad Controller of 2016 for PC

Hello Everyone! I can predict that 70% of people reading this post are Gamers (Mind Reading Hehe) so, You would have already known the Topic by reading the post title. I would be telling you the Top 5 Gamepads Controller for PC – 2016.

Top Gamepads Controller for PC

There are a lot of gamepads in the market but I will help you choose the best gamepad Controller for your needs. So, without any further discussion Lets Began.

1. Logitech F310

The Logitech F310 is a great gamepad in just $20. It has an awesome design. It looks like a DualShock 2 Controller but the buttons are like a Xbox 360 Controller which makes it a total Beast in a low budget. Read the Review of Logitech F310 Gamepad Review here.

If you are thinking that it does not work well because it is just $20 then you are wrong and it works with every Windows PC (You can install Drivers) and can work on Mac operating systems also.

2. ZD V Plus

The ZD V Plus Gamepad is another beast in low budget. It looks like a DualShock 4 and looks really very stylish. The Gamepad has a Blue light which makes it really very nice. The gamepad has a really very nice grip and it is really easy to press all the buttons.

I would suggest everyone to buy this gamepad because of its looks but sometimes the analog quality feels cheap but then also it is really good.

3. Sabrent Twelve-Button Gamepad Controller

This is another great gamepad and the 12 buttons really looks nice. Its buttons is really very easily accessible.  This gamepad has some problems like the gamepad does not have buttons like R1, R2, L1, L2 but it does not affects the gamepads overall gamepad.

I would not suggest this gamepad to the people who want to play shooting games but is great for playing Football games.

4. The Xbox 360

You may find it useless but guys trust me, this is the best gaming pad for PC I have ever used because no one can beat the grip and the accessibility of this Controller. It is really cheap and many people have it also.

This is the gamepad that I use personally. This is the best gamepad I’ve ever seen in my life so I would suggest, Go for it!

5. Enter E-GPV Gamepad Controller

This Gamepad is also a nice gamepad and deserves to be in the top 5 list because, it is really very cheap and looks like a DualShock 2 Controller.

I guess no one can ever beat the grip and accessibility of DualShock Right?

However, The Enter E-GPV Gamepad has some problems like it has vibration but does not work in 90% of gamepads.

Many of the people complain that this gamepad needs specific drivers to be installed but if you are above Windows 7 then there is no need to install any of the drivers.

See the Enter E-GPV Gamepad Review here.

Conclusion: These were the Top 5 Gamepads I knew If you want to suggest one which deserves to be on this list then comment down below.