Why Dan Bilzerian, the king of Instagram visited GOA?

If you don’t know Dan Bilzerian, we are sorry to break it to you, but man you are not exploring the high life well on Instagram. Known as Instagram king and celebrity millionaire Dan Bilzerian has over 28 million followers on Instagram alone and over 42 million more on other social media platforms. He is known for many things; he is a social media celebrity who lives life high and has a huge fandom that loves to see him showing off his larger than life ideas.

So, he is one of the biggest social media celebs in the world and imagines him coming to India. Yes, he was on his first-ever trip to India and he made a lot of headlines for high stake poker games, utterly expensive watch and all the fun he had in India. Overall, the Indian fanbase went gaga over his visit to India for the first time, fans excitedly welcomed him to India with open heart, twitter was bustling with #DanBilzerian and the whole ruckus was something to witness.

So, when did it all Started?

It all started when he confirmed he will be making a star-studded appearance on 15th September 2019 at Big Daddy Casino which FYI is Asia’s Largest Offshore Gaming & Entertainment Destination. It is one of the biggest casinos in Goa and also the ultimate venue for Indian Poker Championship (IPC). India’s biggest poker extravaganza, the event attracts major crowd from Europe and America. This year it was from 11th to 15th September 2019 that whops about 3 crores GTD.

This year it was even more special as for Big Daddy Casino partnered with Spartan Poker to host his years India Poker Championship. In an event, Lakhram Goyal, Director at Golden Globe Hotels Private Limited, congratulated Big Daddy Casino. He stated, “We would like to state that it’s a privilege for Big Daddy Casino, Goa to be partnering with Spartan Poker to host this year’s India Poker Championship (IPC) 2019, country’s most prestigious Poker Championship and welcome Poker players from all over the country”.

Adding to that, he welcomed Dan Bilzerian at the Big Daddy Casino, Goa saying, “We are very excited and overwhelmed to have the Big Daddy of Poker, Dan Bilzerian at Big Daddy Casino, Goa. Dan’s visit to our casino for the poker event will surely intensify the excitement among Poker players and raise the stakes manifold”.

About Indian Poker Championship 2019

Indian Poker Championship (IPC) started on 11th September 2019. It was a 5 days event which lasted in all its glory till 15th September 2019. It is a major poker event in India, which attracts crowd from around the world. It took place in the uber-luxurious Big Daddy Casino in Panjim, Goa. The event was poker-lover heaven and was action-packed with poker in action.

Partnered with Big Daddy Casino, Spartan Poker too contributed with four big events, that were freeze-out, high roller, head hunter and the highlight feature in the finale. The four events were also the major attraction of this year’s event.

What attracted poker fans the most?

Other than the epic partnership of Spartan Poker with Big Daddy Casino, the star of the event was, of course, the big daddy of poker himself, Dan Bilzerian. For all the participants of IPC and all the visitors, it was a poker event that provided them a world-class gaming experience. The gaming equipment where that of the match of Las Vegas and Macau. The event was all about big fortune, big wins, big entertainment. The event even featured F& B aficionados and gourmet experiences; it was a one-of-a-kind experience that blended high living with gaming.

Dan Bilzerian Effect in the Events

He is one of the world’s most successful professional poker players. He has won over USD 50 million in a single year. He is a multi-millionaire, who is loved on social media for his devil-may-cry attitude and controversial lifestyle.

Winner of millions of dollars over the last few years his net worth is of USD 150 Million. He is famously known as an adventurous daredevil of the poker world and seeks adventure in every aspect of life whether it is in or out of the arena. He is also the voted funniest poker players in the world by the prestigious Bluff Magazine. And we seem to agree, as his Instagram post are evident of his humorous-side. The championship got bigger and better with Dan’s visit as a special guest.

Wrapping Up

The king of Instagram collected major attention on his visit to India with his watch worth Rs 1, 36, 00, 000. He loves showing off and hence it came as no surprise that he was wearing a Richard Mille RM11-03 watch. Other than that, Indian fans went gaga over his pictures on Instagram while partying, training, travellingg with models and more.

One of the most interesting things that happened during his maiden visit to India, the American Armenian Internet Personality was asked about his biggest poker win till day. He revealed he won 12.8 million in one single night on Goa.