4 Print Marketing ideas to Promote your Business

Have you been trying every trick in the book to get your conversion rates up? Are you tired of investing in your designing team to see a change in the traffic and in turn your sales figures? Well, as old-school as it may sound, what you need is probably a good dose of investment in a printing partner. No joke. Print marketing methods have been proven effective way before the advent of digital marketing methods. Considering the current response rates of the average customer to marketing initiatives of businesses, it is best to carry out a strategy that combines the best of both digital and print marketing.

So what print marketing activities should you start with?

Here are 4 print marketing ideas must-dos that can help you promote your business by a great deal:

#1. Brochures

A conventional and classic way to present important information, like product launches or diversification for example, is through folleteria or flyers. It gives your customers just the necessary information in a semi-formal and artistic way, without being too “sale-sy”. And it is semi-formal because it gives you enough room to be creative, while effectively passing useful information.

You can send out brochures through direct mail or place them at your store. According to the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail marketing apparently is 7 times more effective than all the digital media combined.

#2. Posters

The best way to let customers know of an important product launch or any kind of good news for that matter would be through a poster or a banner. It has been proved time and again that large scale graphics attract more attention. And that’s why you need to put your upcoming event in an over-sized banner in large font over on a big hoarding. You can also use your creativity to make it colorful and interesting. Moreover, you can place your posters in places that you find effective, according to your analytics.

#3. Postcards

Create interesting picture postcards, along with your brand name and logo to send out to your customers. You can either send them holiday messages or just thank you cards for being loyal customers or you can send them the details of upcoming events or sales. You can even take it up a notch by including some kind of action for your customers to do on your postcard, such as detachable coupons or scratch cards.

#4. Birthday Cards and Envelopes

Birthday cards are one of the best personalized marketing strategies to make your customers feel special. Not only does it re-establish contact with a customer that might have been out of touch for a long time, but it also helps you update your CRM by confirming their address. You could also consider sending out a gift certificate or a coupon as a birthday gift along. That might increase the chances of a sale as well.

Be sure to send out the birthday card in a classy, high quality envelope as well, with your brand name and logo.