Boost Sales Productivity with Sales Force Automation

Pharma Field Force Software by SANeForce enables organizations to fully automate their complete sales process without relying on manual labor. This helps pharma companies to take accurate sales reports and enables them to do accurate sales forecasts on Sales Funnel. All the traditional methods of working on excel sheets and papers create difficulty in any business process and this can affect the daily work productivity of an organization. But now the whole process has been changed and Pharma Field Force Software can maintain and execute all sales processes and synchronize the entire hectic task with just a couple of clicks. It enables companies to monitor the progress of the salespeople, their daily productivity and perform tasks on a specific screen. This can transform the working style of the Sales personnel enabling them to achieve a new level of success.

How Sales Force Automation Boosts Productivity?

Organized Contact Management – All the customers’ general details (which includes name, address, telephone, email, etc.) along with their related contacts, purchases, cases and opportunities are stored in a compact method. This provides very clear visibility to all contacts through a centralized repository. As you know, scheduling appointments and follow-ups can happen easily with the SFA program. The sales team can now easily:

  • Track every Customer Interaction
  • Track the status of all Sales Opportunities
  • View Complete Sales History

Increase in Revenue – Sales Force Automation enables businesses to store customer order details which benefits up-selling and cross-selling activities. For instance by using this module sales team can determine:

  • Customers Order Pattern
  • Customers Preferences
  • Most profitable Customers

Equipped with these metrics, sales professionals can perceptibly be in a better position to up-sell or cross-sell to regular customers. They can get an accurate idea of the most relevant products or services and pitch in those during making conversations with the customers.

Better Management – Sales Force Automation module effectively operates as a centralized repository of all sales activities. Instead of manually gathering the sales statistics from ten different applications which are actually cumbersome, sales managers can get immediate access to each salesperson’s activities, sales opportunities lying in the pipeline, customer complaints and other metrics.

Document Management – SFA Solutions in the field force are helpful in automating document management which promotes information sharing and ensures consistent and latest information across the sales team. It helps managers to integrate product and pricing information, marketing materials, presentations, research reports, upcoming product information, or similar sales materials into the system for anytime access by the sales team to deliver to customers.

Lead Mapping – There are many modules of SFA that will come with easy lead mapping in the sales process. They help extract the leads which are generated from multiple sources like email, website visit, campaigns and outbound calls easily. After it’s done, they prompt the sales manager who will then assign it to the respective sales agents. When the new leads are assigned, sales reps can quickly access and view the leads, and schedule the meetings.

In brief, San Eforce’s SFA is a vital Pharma Field Force Software that automates sales tasks that free the salespeople from routine support activities, saving more time enabling them to invest more in human interaction with customers. This also provides businesses with valuable insights for individual salespeople and managers to continually improve their own performance and increase sales.