What is FBA and how to FBA Prep inbound to Amazon?

It’s a no-brainer for any seller or retailer that why they should list their products on the number one e commerce website in the entire world: amazon. The numbers don’t lie, seller can expose their products to more than 300 million active customers and more than 170 million unique new visiting customers totaling sales more than 100 billion dollars in less than a month. Listing products on the amazon website gives them credibility and trust among the new customers because a new customer is more far likely to buy from amazon than from an individual new website they have seen for the first time in their life. FBA Prep with Flowspace ensures that products are properly packaged and prepped for fulfillment before they’re inbound to Amazon.

It is very easy to sell in different markets of the world because amazon is the most trusted and globally selling website in the entire world. One can quickly start selling their products without having to spend a lot of money on local payments systems, developing the entire website, logistics, operations, warehouse storage space etc. One does not need to do any sort of marketing because amazon is doing it for them actually. Depending on the type of product and market, one can even start selling their products right from the first day of listing the product on amazon.
FBA amazon service is one of the most major contributors to the success of Amazon. Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) provides warehouse, managing and shipping operations to every seller who has signed up for their service at a very low price when compared to what it would cost for the sellers to do it themselves.

Not only has it freed its sellers from the headache of shipping, but also allowed them to qualify for Amazon Prime which allows their product to be delivered to their customer within a span of 1 or 2 day depending on the customer’s location from the nearest fulfilment center. This has allowed sellers to rapidly increase their sales and grow as result. Sellers have to send products to the amazon fulfilment center by after getting it FBA prepped by one of many options like leelinesourcing sourcing agent services in china.

FBA prep is the complete process through which a product passes through which includes packaging, labeling, branding, stickers, taping before it is sold and shipped to the customer. FBA prep can be done in three ways. The first way which is the best when one is just starting out is that the person do it by themselves, although one has to make sure because the first delivery to amazon is very crucial, making mistake in it can very negatively impact one’s business.

The second way is the safest yet most costly way i.e. giving one’s product itself to the amazon to do it. The third and the most cost and time effective way is to outsource it to third party companies who do the FBA prep for the seller and then send it to amazon on their behalf. One can use the leelinesourcing sourcing agent services in china if the seller is located in china. They have a very good team of technical experts who have had experience of working with amazon for many years.