Driving Instruction Course Parent Taught Driver Education (PTDA)

For youngsters, learning to drive can be an exciting step towards freedom. But at the same time, it can be terrifying, both for them and for parents. Parent Taught Driver Education, widely known as PTDE is an excellent alternative to conventional driving learning methods.

For several reasons, this method is getting popular day by day. Unlike traditional ways, here you can monitor your teen’s progress and correct his or her bad habits while driving. In this way, you are getting more time to spend with your teen and develop the bonding. Moreover, it is less expensive than most other driving instruction course.

What is PTDA?

PTDA or Parent Taught Driving Education is a method where a parent or legal guardian is allowed to become an instructor for their teen’s driving education. This course includes both the online classroom instruction and behind the wheel driver training.

How can it benefit Parents?

When another person becomes the instructor of your teen, you can’t make sure he or she is on time. With PTDA you can keep a close eye on your teen’s progress. You can instill all of the safe driving principles more effectively. The trust level between you and your teen will develop certainly. On the top of that, the method is more affordable.

Eligibility Requirements for Parents

To avail this PTDA online course, the parent or guardian must fulfill these following requirements:

  • The relation between learner and instructor must be among these- parent, stepparent, foster parent, grandparent, step-grandparent or any legal guardian of the teen.
  • Must have a lawful driving license at least of last three years.
  • Must have a clean image as a driver. That means must not have been intoxicated while driving or get sentenced.
  • Must be hale and hearty, both physically and mentally.

Only after ensuring these requirements, apply for this course. Or else, if you are found ineligible, both of your time and money will be wasted.

Online makes it easier

Those days are getting over where learners had to endure set schedule, stuffy classrooms, and mostly boring textbooks. Now, with the digitalization in every sector, Parent Taught Driver Education, or PTDA has made it easier through online. You can control the whole process as per your convenience, anytime, anywhere.
In this way, you can set the routine that best suits you and your child.

Behind the wheel with Trust Effectively

In Parent Taught Driver Education Online courses, you don’t need any behind the wheel driving school. Obviously, they will learn more effectively with someone they trust and in a vehicle they are comfortable.

From the very first ride, you will teach your child everything. But, with that making the process official is also necessary. The whole process in 3 simple steps:

  • Register your teenager in a website.
  • Request and get the ‘Parent Taught Driver Education packet’ through filling online form or mailing.
  • Get started the course with your teen.

In a nutshell, PTDA is simply an amazing and reliable way to make your teen worthy of driving at the road. Don’t delay! The road to freedom is very close.