GogoPDF – Our One-Stop Online PDF to PDFA Converter Tool

Because of the different overflowing types of files we create daily, we tend to delete files without thoroughly checking their content, and eventually, we lose those important ones. Gladly, Adobe provided us PDF, a file format that helps us manage our files efficiently and effectively. However, files continue to pile up, and our storage bins become insufficient. Yes, another problem came up, and that is insufficient memory space. We make the same common mistake and delete without thoroughly checking and then again, losing important files. Yet also, Adobe created a more advanced format for the sole purpose of archiving, and it is called PDF/A or PDFA. Here, we will tell you how to convert your PDF to PDFA online.

The Service Provider

To begin with, let us get to know more, Gogopdf. It is a prevailing online collection of 20 robust, state-of-the-art tools specializing in managing pdf files such as merging, converting PDF to PDFA, and so on. It is a project by Incredible Holdings Limited aimed to improve workflow and boost an individual or a group’s productivity regardless of what they do in life.

GogoPDF’s goal is to provide excellent customer service experience at any time of the day. Their wide range of intuitive electronic documents management interfaces enables users to speed up their daily jobs and eventually allow businesses to prioritize more urgent matters than document-related concerns. To do that, they put in features so users can work smart.

The User Interface

Working with PDFs is not as easy as you think; that is why we find it essential that the tools used in working around these files must be user-friendly and straightforward to understand. And GogoPDFs online interface meets those criteria allowing even new users to multitask while using their tools. Their homepage presents its online tools in an easy browsing manner.

The same goes for their PDF to PDF/A converter tool page. Users will not find pointless or redundant icons or buttons. Everything has its purpose in there, and you’ll see if you will take a peek. Also, unlike any other online tool provider, their tool page gives users all the necessary information they need to start using the converter, their features, and summary guide users.

The Online Tool

GogoPDFs online tool supports all leading operating systems like computers, Linux, Mac, Windows and mobile gadgets, android, and iOS. It is also attuned with globally leading internet browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. So, the devices you use or the web browser you are familiar with will not matter. It gives users a smooth experience.

Further, they made sure that their PDF to PDF/A transformation gizmo generates an ISO-standardized PDF version of the file by eliminating long-term archiving unsuitable features. The minute a PDF file is ISO-standardized, whatever software is used, the file can be precisely duplicated and can duplicate it precisely the same way.

The Conversion Process

For GogoPDF, their users’ time is a treasure. Thus no time is wasted when they visit gogopdf.com. It is like they went in and out in a flash as their tools straightaway transform pdf files to pdf/a files in a few clicks or taps. The process involves only five steps. First, get your documents ready. Get them from your device, drop them into the conversion toolbox.

That will trigger to start the pdf to pdf/a conversion process instantly. Wait for the conversion to complete, and when it is done, you can choose to download your converted pdf/a file and save it to your device, share it through email or social media, or upload it to your online storage drives. Well, that has never been that easy!

The Overall Security

There is no reason to worry about your identification as gogoPDF assures all its clients that they comply with their company’s privacy and data security policy. Every uploaded file will be deleted from their server after an hour. Also, no software installation will be done nor account creation. A user will only need his file, device, and a stable internet connection!


Everything about GogoPDF online PDF to PDFA converter is just the best right? It only shows that it is our one-stop online tool. As you can do it in a few minutes and with minimal effort, your documents will be conserved in an unchangeable format. Then maybe it’s about time you give PDA to PDF/A try so you can ditch your filing cabinet or sell that vault away.